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The Photoshop Menu Bar

Lesson 1: Getting Around in Photoshop CS2


Explore the Photoshop CS2 workspace in this illustrated tutorial.
Photoshop menus

The Photoshop CS2 menu bar, showing the Image menu and the Rotate Canvas submenu.

The menu bar consists of nine menus: File, Edit, Image, Layer, Select, Filter, View, Window, and Help. Take a few moments now to look at each of the menus, starting with the File Menu.

You may notice that some menu commands are followed by ellipses (...). This indicates a command that is followed by a 'dialog box' where you can enter additional settings. Anytime input is needed from the user, it is presented in a dialog box. For instance, if you click File in the Menu Bar and then the New command, you will see the new document dialog box. Go ahead and do this now. Click OK in the new document dialog to accept the default settings. You'll need an open document to explore the menu commands.

Throughout this course, I will use the following syntax for instructions which involve navigating menus in Photoshop: File > New

Some menu commands are followed by a right pointing arrow. This indicates a submenu of related commands. As you explore each menu, be sure to take a look at the submenus as well. You'll also notice that many commands are followed by keyboard shortcuts. Gradually, you'll want to get to know these keyboard shortcuts as they can be incredible time savers. As you make your way through this course, you'll be learning the most useful keyboard shortcuts as you go.

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