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The Photoshop Tool Options Bar

Lesson 1: Getting Around in Photoshop CS2


Explore the Photoshop CS2 workspace in this illustrated tutorial.
Photoshop options bar

The Photoshop options bar and Adobe Bridge button

Below Photoshop's menu bar is the tool options bar. The Options Bar is where you would go to adjust settings for the currently active tool. This toolbar is context-sensitive, meaning that it changes according to which tool you have selected. I'll cover the options for each tool as we learn the individual tools in future lessons.

The options bar can be pulled away from the top of the window and moved around in the workspace, or docked to the bottom of the workspace, if you prefer. If you'd like to move the options bar, click on the small line on the far left of the toolbar and drag it to an new position. Most likely, you'll want to leave it right where it is.

Adobe Bridge Button

To the right of the palette well, is the Adobe Bridge shortcut button. This launches the Adobe Bridge, which is a separate application for visually browsing and organizing your images. You can learn more about Adobe Bridge in the Step-by-Step Illustrated Tour, or from the links in Adobe Bridge User Resources.

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