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Photos Fixes and Photo Effects in Corel Photo-Paint

Tutorials and techniques for retouching, repairing, restoring, correcting, and enhancing photos in Corel Photo-Paint. Find practical solution to common photo problems as well as creative ways to enahnce your photos with special effects.

How to Remove Red Eye With Corel Photo-Paint
It's the perfect picture... except it's been ruined by those unsightly, glowing red eyes from camera flash. It's happened to us all, fortunately, it's fairly easy to correct.

How to Apply a Sepia Tone to a Photo
Step-by-step instructions for tinting a photo with a sepia tone in Photo-Paint.

Using Grayscale Masks For Edge Effects in Photo-Paint
Learn how to use the free grayscale masks on this site with Corel Photo-Paint's layer mask feature to create interesting edge effects for your photos.

How to Smooth Skin and Conceal Blemishes
Wouldn't we all like to look a few years younger or magically erase facial blemishes? Luckily we can turn back the clock digitally with Corel Photo-Paint's Lens Effect.

How to Whiten Teeth in Corel Photo-Paint
You don't need special toothpaste if you've got Photo-Paint! The dodge tool makes quick work of whitening and brightening your smile.

Rope and Leather Picture Frame
Create a picture frame using layers, image sprays, and texture fills.

Quick Portrait Enhancement - Method 1
This simple technique produces a warm glow, softening details and diminishing noise and artifacts. It works especially well on portraits, but don't hesitate to try it on other types of images.

Quick Portrait Enhancement - Method 2
This technique mimics a diffusion filter, softening the photo, reducing harsh lines and wrinkles, and intesifying the colors. It's great for portraits and also works well for reducing JPEG artifacts.

Add Color to B&W Photos
Two ways to add color to black and white photos in Photo-Paint 8. Duotone can be used for an overall color cast, or you can selectively paint color onto the photo with layers.

Clone From Saved Tool
Use the clone from saved tool to create interesting photo effects with motion in Photo-Paint 6 and up.

Color Alteration
Lessons for making global image color alterations. Also information on using masks in such operations.

Color Change Flower
Change the color of a flower in your photo. Photo-Paint 9.

Contrast Masking with Corel PHOTO-PAINT
"Contrast masking can help in reducing the overall contrast of an image while bringing out more details within highlights and shadows."

Painted Photograph
Create a variety of painted effects from a photograph using filters and features in Photo-Paint 8 or higher.

Removing the Background
How to remove the backgrounds from images in CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint for versions 5 and beyond.

Sans Cloning Tutorial
If blurring, repetitive patterns and 'unnatural' grain left by the Clone tool has you pulling out your hair, try making your repairs using Sans Cloning. Works in all photo editing programs with "Layer" capability.

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