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Creating Original Art and Special Effects in Photo-Paint

Tutorials for creating original art and popular special effects in Corel Photo-Paint. Techniques for creating textures, metallic effects, edge effects, decorative borders, and more.

Using Grayscale Masks For Edge Effects in Photo-Paint
Learn how to use the free grayscale masks on this site with Corel Photo-Paint's layer mask feature to create interesting edge effects for your photos.

Create a Vignette (Soft Fade) Effect
A vignette, or soft fade, is a popular photo effect where the photo gradually fades into a solid colored background, usually in an oval shape. Here's how it's done using clip masks in Photo-Paint 9 or 10.

Rope and Leather Picture Frame
Create a picture frame using layers, image sprays, and texture fills.

Seamless Background Tile
Create a seamless background tile in Corel Photo-Paint 8.

Animated Snowglobe
Create a snowglobe by combining several images in Photo-Paint 9.

Brushed Steel
Create a brushed steel texture in Photo-Paint 8.

Chocolate Bar
Create a chocolate bar in Photo-Paint 8 using the Cutting Edge F/X add-on.

Creating Studio Backdrops
From the author: "I don't want to blow a bunch of money to have professional studio photos taken. So I decided to create my own backdrops instead. Check out this tutorial for users of Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and Corel Photopaint 9."

Dot Effect
Create the popular "pop-dots" effect in Photo-Paint 8.

Embossing the Background
Use the emboss effect on the background of a picture for an interesting effects. Version 9.

Gold Texture
Create a rough gold texture easily in Photo-Paint 9.

Use paths, masks, stroke masks, textured fills, warp effects, brush nibs and strokes, and merge modes to create a logo.

Meshing Around
Create wire mesh and net effects in Photo-Paint 8 using the Cutting Edge F/X add-on.

Metallic Effects
Easy metallic effect in Photo-Paint. Written for version 8, but the effect can be recreated all the way back to version 5.

Removing the Background
How to remove the backgrounds from images in CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint for versions 5 and beyond.

Snow or Chalk
This technique uses channels and the crystallize effect to create a snow or chalk-like effect for text or objects.

The North Pole
Use bitmap fills, transparency, filter effects, and the image sprayer to create an image of the north pole. Includes image sprays and scripts you can download to recreate the effects.

Torn Edges in Photo-Paint 8
Create a torn edge effect using PP8. Provides several examples and suggestions for advanced effects. Uses orbits, masks, and merge modes.

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