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Photo Correction and Photo Effects in Ulead PhotoImpact

Tutorials for retouching, repairing, restoring, correcting, and enhancing photos in Ulead PhotoImpact. Also techniques for manipulating and compositing photos in Ulead PhotoImpact. Learn about combining images, creating collages, adding artistic and painterly effects to photos and pictures, colorizing, and more.

Create a Vignette (Soft Fade) Effect
A vignette, or soft fade, is a popular photo effect where the photo gradually fades into the background, usually in an oval shape. Using mask mode in PhotoImpact, you can preview the effect before applying it.

How To Apply a Sepia Tone to a Photo
Step-by-step instructions for tinting a photo with a sepia tone in PhotoImpact.

Add a Text Watermark to a Photo in PhotoImpact
Placing a watermark on images that you plan to post on the Web will identify them as your own work and discourage people from copying them or claiming them as their own. Here's a simple way to add a watermark in Ulead PhotoImpact where the text remains editable.

Use Grayscale Masks For Edge Effects in PhotoImpact
Learn how to use the free grayscale masks on this site with PhotoImpact's mask feature to create interesting edge effects for your photos.

Quick Portrait Enhancement - Method 1
This simple technique produces a warm glow, softening details and diminishing noise and artifacts. It works especially well on portraits, but don't hesitate to try it on other types of images.

Quick Portrait Enhancement - Method 2
This technique mimics a diffusion filter, softening the photo, reducing harsh lines and wrinkles, and intesifying the colors. It's great for portraits and also works well for reducing JPEG artifacts.

How to Touch-up Facial Features With PhotoImpact
PhotoImpact's Retouch tools allow you to perform many different types of correction to digital images. Here's how to remove red eye, whiten teeth, conceal blemishes, and smooth skin tones with these tools.

Artistic Selections
"Use selections and various effects to give your photos and other images a creative and modernistic look." Beginner level for PhotoImpact 8

Blend over Big Time!
From Ulead: Meet two of PhotoImpact's new chameleon functions: Match Background Color and Defringe. Version 8.

Blended Images
"Blended images can be fun to make and even more fun to show off. This tutorial will show you how to take two unrelated images and combine them into one so they look like they were taken that way with the camera."

Bubble/Slatted Head
Create an unusual photo effects with PhotoImpact 8. Intermediate Level.

Color Spots
Take any color photo, change it to monochrome with color spots to give a dramatic effect. In this tutorial, you will learn how to accomplish this technique in just a few easy steps. Version 6.

Color Spots Plus!
"Use spots of color to emphasize the central focus of your photos. This tutorial will show you two different methods to get some very dramatic results on a monochrome background with a minimum of effort." Beginner level for PhotoImpact 8

From Ulead: Get the best of both dark and light worlds with PhotoImpact's Dynamic Range Extension. Version 8.

Fancy Frames
Create fancy frames using the Path Tool, Continue Draw, and the Button Designer. PI 6.

Highlights, Midtones and Shadows
"It can be so disappointing to take a picture of an important event only to find the picture has been overexposed and you can't see a thing. This tutorial will show you how to save those bad images!" Beginner level for PhotoImpact 8

Masks Made Easy
Learn to use masks for adding edge effects to photos with PhotoImpact 6.

Old Time Photo Corners
"Dress up your photos with trimmings from yester-year! Add an old time zig-zag edge to your photo, mount it with some old fashioned photo corners, add a drop shadow and your're done. It's easy, it's fun, and the results are images to be admired." Beginner level for PhotoImpact 8

Photo Corners Kit
Dress up your photos with trimmings from yesteryear! Add an old time zigzag edge to your photo, mount it with some old fashioned photo corners, add a drop shadow and you're done. It's easy, it's fun, and the results are images to be admired. Version 6.

Photo Correction - Forgot the Flash
This photo looked pretty hopeless, but was able to be salvaged with the use of Tone Map, Light effects and a contrast adjustment.

Photo Correction - Too Dark, Too Much Stuff
See how the clone tool and tone map was used to fix up a dark photo with a lot of background distractions.

Photo Correction - Weeds Everywhere
Here's one approach to solving the problem of obstructions blocking the subject of a photo.

Souvenir Dome Kit
Make a Souvenir Dome like those you find in the tourist stops when you're on vacation. Put your favorite city, building, etc in the dome. Add a name and you've got a great display image. The kit is already done so the rest is pretty easy. Version 6.

Spot Filter
From Ulead: Create artistic and glamorous effects using the Spot Filter. Version 8.

Stamp Masking Technique
This is a fun technique to create your very own unique mask for photographs, or portion of a photograph. By applying different stamps, backgrounds and textures, you can achieve some very nice results. For Ulead PhotoImpact 6 and 7.

Star Filter
From Ulead: Add a sparkling highlight to your photos using the Star Filter. Version 8.

Zoom Blur
From Stephanie Baker-Thomas: "The wonderful new Zoom Blur filter can help you zero in on an important part of an image, or create a feeling of motion."

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