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Creating Text Effects, Special Effects and Textures in PhotoImpact

Tutorials for creating special effects with Ulead PhotoImpact. Learn techniques for creating text effects, creative image effects, textures and backgrounds.

Create a Vignette (Soft Fade) Effect
A vignette, or soft fade, is a popular photo effect where the photo gradually fades into the background, usually in an oval shape. Using mask mode in PhotoImpact, you can preview the effect before applying it.

Use Grayscale Masks For Edge Effects in PhotoImpact
Learn how to use the free grayscale masks on this site with PhotoImpact's mask feature to create interesting edge effects for your photos.

3 Ways to Create a Glass Ball
Create a glass sphere using Eye Candy 3, the path tool, or without filters.

Drop Shadow Text
Add a drop shadow to text in Ulead PhotoImpact 4.2.

Creating a Mirror Image
how to create a mirrored image effect in PhotoImpact 4.2.

Easy Beveled Text
How to make beveled text in Ulead PhotoImpact 4.2.

Easy Curved Text
How to make curved text in Ulead PhotoImpact 4.2.

Erasing Images
Make PhotoImpact act like the eraser tool in Paint Shop Pro.

Create the effect of a horizon with perspective in PhotoImpact 4.2.

Insetting Images
Create a 3D inset effect for images or text in PI 4.2.

Muted Background
Create a light colored background from an existing image in PI 4.2. Also tips for using muted backgrounds.

Outlined Text
How to make outlined text in Ulead PhotoImpact 4.2.

Perspective Shadow
Create a perspective shadow in PhotoImpact 4.2 without using plug-in filters.

Artistic Selections
"Use selections and various effects to give your photos and other images a creative and modernistic look." Beginner level for PhotoImpact 8

Creating, Saving & Using a Techno Mask
This tutorial intends to show you how to create an image which will be converted to grayscale so it can be used as a "techno" mask, how to store it in your easy palette as a mask and then one way that mask can be used.

Cutout Text
One simple method of creating cutout text in PhotoImpact 6.

Doodle Background Tiles
Hey, don't throw those doodles and goof-ups away! Create seamless background tiles from your doodle drawings.

Doodle Tiles Plus!
"Turn your doodles into exciting colorful seamless background tiles! It's so easy you to do and you won't believe the great results! You'll also learn how to use photos and other images to create even more variations." Beginner level for PhotoImpact 8

Easy Scan Lines
Create scan lines and add them to images for an interlacing effect.

Easy Stained Glass
Turn line art into colorful stained glass images with the native tools in PhotoImpact 6.

Frame it in Plaid
"Create your own plaid tiles using several filters, then use the new tile to create a coordinated border for the image used in making the plaid. Uses Simple Filters and Horizonus' Stripes are In filter." Beginner level for PhotoImpact 8

Gingham Tiles
Create classic checkered gingham print patterns in any color you choose. Use them for backgrounds, fills, and more. PhotoImpact 6.0.

Lets Do Some Colourizing
Colourizing a photograph can be so much fun, but why stick to traditional looks when you really want something quick and simple to do, with outstanding results? Stay with me and I'll show you how easy it can be.

Making Plaid Using Filters
Use free filters in PhotoImpact 6 to make plaid patterns.

Moving The Lights
Two methods for changing the lighting on an object.

Polkadot Tiles
Create colorful polka-dot patterns for backgrounds, fills, and more. PI6.

Recipes for Gold
Ten different recipes for various shades and textures of metallic gold.

Seamless Muted Tile
Turn any image into a muted background tile without third-party filters.

Stained Glass Tiles
No more searching the net looking for that specific stained glass tile. Now you can make your own and in colors of your choice! It's easy, it's fun. Start your own Stained Glass library today. Create a variety of colors in a matter of minutes. Version 6.

Text on a Curve
"Get fancy with your text. Add it to a custom curve and get exactly what you want." Beginner level for PhotoImpact 8

Tortoise Shell Seamless Tile
Use the creative Painting tool in PI 5 to create a tortoise shell seamless pattern.

Z-Merge Video Wall
From Stephanie Baker-Thomas: "Use the new Z-merge tool to make a single object that serves as the building block for a high tech video wall."

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