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Fo2Pix ArtMaster

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ArtMaster from Fo2Pix

ArtMaster from Fo2Pix

The Bottom Line

ArtMaster helps you turn your digital photos into works of art with 7 interactive ArtWizards. ArtMaster breaks your photo down into a number of simplified sources, then the ArtWizards blend these sources into a pleasing picture every time. Control is somewhat limited in ArtMaster, though you can increase your options by combining steps from different ArtWizards, purchasing more ArtWizards, or upgrading to ArtMasterPro for full manual control.

As of November 2007, Fo2Pix is out of business and the company assets are in liquidation. Unfortunately, there is no way to purchase Fo2Pix products at this time. [reference]


  • Seven ArtWizards give you fast, predictable results in a short amount of time.
  • On-screen instructions guide you through the painting process.
  • Doesn't require very large starting images. Works best with medium-resolution images.
  • Open and save as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP files.


  • Lack of manual mode limits experimentation and takes some creativity out of the painting process.
  • Comes with only a few ArtWizards. Purchasing more ArtWizards can be expensive.
  • Waiting for each step to process can be slow.


  • Allows you to create fine art from your photographs by following a set of step-by-step ArtWizards.

  • Generates 300 painting and mixing sources, which are based on the artistic elements of the photo.

  • User controls are all on-screen. No hidden palettes or nested menu commands to navigate.

  • Mixing of sources is controlled by the color, contrast, and blend mixers in the Studio Editor.

  • Stencils act as a filter or mask so you can control how the palette is applied on the canvas.

  • Adjust Editor lets you crop, resize, rotate, and tune the color and contrast in the image.

  • Layout Editor lets you place your picture and make adjustments before printing.

  • Includes 66-page printed user manual in a ring binder that also holds your software CD.

  • For Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, and Windows XP or Mac OS X Tiger (10.4 or higher).

  • ArtMaster is a limited version of ArtMasterPro without manual mode or ArtWizard recording features.

Guide Review - Fo2Pix ArtMaster

ArtMaster analyzes your photo and uses a process of segmentation to identify regions of interest in the image. These regions are further simplified and broken down into sources of varying detail. Some sources contain only color information; others contain line, texture, or light and shadow detail. The sources are then mixed together to make an artistic rendering based on the original photo. The mixing process is done through a pre-recorded series of actions called ArtWizards which give you fast, predictable results.

The seven Artwizards in ArtMaster include: Basic Form, Chalk Grey, Distant View, Essential Watercolour, Popart 1, Sand Dune, and Shade Exploration. Unlike ArtMasterPro, ArtMaster does not offer a manual mode. That means you're limited to the approximately 300 sources contained in the ArtWizards, but you can still experiment by combining steps from different ArtWizards, and you can purchase additional ArtWizards from Fo2Pix.

ArtMaster and ArtMasterPro offer many improvements over Fo2Pix's PhotoArtMaster home user product line—larger canvas sizes, automation, added file format support, and finer control. ArtMaster is primarily a teaser for the more advanced ArtMasterPro product. You can generate some unique art with it, but you won't get a lot of variety without purchasing more ArtWizards or upgrading to ArtMasterPro. Chances are, once you get a taste of the possibilities, you'll want to upgrade to the full package.

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