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Photo Art - Photo Fun - Photo Effects - Tips and Technqiues

Here you'll find links to software tools, techniques, and tips for turning your digital photos into amazing art work using a variety of graphics software. Also find photo art galleries and online communities where you can connect with other photo-art enthusiasts to share your photo art creations and tips.

How to Doodle on a Photo in Inkscape
Have fun doodling on your photos with Inkscape, a free vector-based drawing software.

Create Comic Book Art with Photoshop
Create a fun comic book art effect with Photoshop in this tutorial where you learn how to transform a photo into a Roy Lichtenstein inspired piece of pop art.

Turn a Photograph into a Painting with Photoshop's Art History Brush
Use Photoshop to apply a painted effect to a photo. To get the best possible composition, you'll use the Crop tool, the Rule of Thirds, and the Patch tool. You'll also use the Art History Brush tool, and add some Filters.

Turn a Photo into a Pencil Drawing in Photoshop
Learn how to use Photoshop to make a photo look like a pencil drawing or sketch.

How to Make a Custom Wedding Photo Frame
Learn how you can create a custom frame to decorate a wedding photo using the free software Inkscape.

How to Make Custom Photo Frames For Free
Learn how you can make your very own custom designed photo frames for free using Inkscape.

How to Make a High Dynamic Range Photo With HDR Darkroom Pro
Learn how you can experiment with HDR photography and create a high dynamic range photo using HDR Darkroom Pro for Mac.

Sepia Photo Effect in Photo Pos Pro
This tutorial looks at giving a photo an antique sepia effect using the free pixel-based image editor Photo Pos Pro. It also shows how the Advanced option in the sepia tool in Photo Pos Pro can be used to produce some different effects.

Pixia Sepia Image Effect - How to Create an Antiqued Picture in Pixia
This is an easy step by step tutorial showing you how to use Pixia to produce an antiqued sepia-tone image.

How to Produce a Free Calendar in Pixia
This is a simple and easy step by step tutorial showing how to make a free calendar using Pixia.

How to Create an Antiqued Picture in PhotoPlus SE
This is a quick and easy step by step for new users of Serif PhotoPlus SE to convert an image to an antiqued sepia tone picture.

Photo Art Gallery - Browse Examples of Photo Art Work
Photo art is when you take an ordinary photo and transform it into something that looks like it had been created using traditional art techniques...

Software for Magazine Covers and Sports Cards
Are you looking to create fun magazine covers or sports trading cards to show off your own photos? Many graphics software and home publishing programs will help you to create these kinds of layouts.

Photo Art created with ArtMasterPro from Fo2Pix
See examples of photo art created with ArtMasterPro software from Fo2Pix.

All About Grayscale Masks
An overview of grayscale masks with tutorials to show you how to use them in your favorite graphics software.

Free Grayscale Masks
Over 100 free masks for adding decorative edges to photos in most image editing software. Created by your Guide to graphics software, Sue Chastain. Links to tutorials for using the masks to create creative photo edges in the most popular photo editors.

Gifts for Photo Fun-atics
These days, there are more options than ever before for getting your pictures into your computer. This can lead to loads of fun projects incorporating your photos and your own personal touch. Here's a selection of gift ideas that would be ideal for anyone who enjoys working with family photos in fun and creative ways.

Review: Fo2Pix PhotoArtMaster Gold 1.5
PhotoArtMaster Gold is one-of-a-kind software to help you transform your ordinary photographs into something you can be proud to frame and put on display.

PhotoArtMaster 1.0 Gallery
Twenty photo art images created in PhotoArtMaster 1.0.

PhotoArtMaster Gold 1.5 Gallery
Thirty photo art images created in PhotoArtMaster Gold 1.5.

Sue's Cartoon Effects Actions for Photoshop
Turn your photos into cartoons with these six free actions for comic book and cartoon effects.

Sue's Photo Effects Actions for Photoshop
Add artistic effects to your photos with these free actions: Paint by Number, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Color Sketch, Old Time Color, Distant Dreams.

Turn Your Digital Photos into Art (buZZ Review)
You can turn your digital photos into unique works of art with Segmentis buZZ Professional and buZZ Lite, two versions of a new Photoshop-compatible plug-in filter. Learn about the filter and explore several examples in this review.

Make your Photos More Memorable
You've worked hard to get your images looking their best, but don't stop there! Here's some fun and easy effects you can apply to your images to make them more memorable.

Turning Digital Photos into Cartoons
Have you ever wanted to turn a digital photo into a cartoon or comic-style drawing? Here is a discussion of what you need and some suggested techniques.

Virtual Painter 3 (Win)
An overview and summary of Virtual Painter 3, a collection of 12 plug-in effects for turning photos into paintings and stylized art work.

How To Create 3D Stereo Images
Owen Ransen shows you how to create 3D stereo images (also called stereograms) with your digital camera, photo printer, and any photo editing program.

3D with a 2D Digicam
Learn to trick your eyes into seeing 3D from two 2D shots. Also tips on shooting and cropping the images to make this trick work.

buZZpro Email List
Find out more about buZZ and PhotoArtMaster, trade notes with other users of these programs and join in Photo Challenges and Competitions!

Create a Photo Collage
Techniques for creating your own digital picture collages.

FAKE! Special Effects?
"With the limits of dynamic range that digital cameras have, how far can you stretch the image around in the computer without messing up the shot? How far can you fake it without being truly 'fake?' (Truly fake?)" An interesting article on digital photo manipulation.

Fo2Pix buZZ Tutorials
Several tutorials for the buZZ series of plugins from Fo2Pix.

Photo-Based Art Forum
An active discussion forum for photo-art enthusiasts. Offers tips, tutorials, challenges, examples, critiques, and links to tools for creating photo-based art.

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