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Using the Vector Drawing Tools and Vector Shapes in Paint Shop Pro

Tutorials and tips for working with the vector drawing tools in Paint Shop Pro 6 and up. Learn how to draw shapes and lines, edit shapes by manipulating nodes, work with bezier curves, put text on a curve, understand strokes and fills, and create simple drawings from scratch.

Paint Shop Pro Vector Basics and Path Anatomy Tutorial
Learn the basics of bezier curves and node editing in Paint Shop Pro. Ron Lacey walks you through the various types of nodes used for editing vector paths in Paint Shop Pro.

Bugs with Boots Cartoon Vector Drawing with Paint Shop Pro X
This tutorial will introduce you to vector drawing in Paint Shop Pro as you create a stylish little cartoon drawing of ladybugs wearing boots. No drawing skills are needed because everything is created with preset shapes.

Intertwined Lacy Hearts in Paint Shop Pro X
This Paint Shop Pro X tutorial will show you how to create intertwined hearts with a lacy trim. Use the finished image to create a Valentine greeting, to frame a couple of photos, or to make a sig tag.

Chibi Elf Leprechaun - Part 1 Creating the Head
This Paint Shop Pro X tutorial shows you how to create an elf or leprechaun in the extremely popular Manga style of cartoon drawing. Our elf is a Chibi, which is a cute and small version of Manga. Chibi characters are cheerful, adorable, mischievous and a lot of fun to create! You can dress your elf for St. Patrick's Day and send someone a shamrock with your holiday wishes!

Chibi Elf Leprechaun - Part 2 Creating the Body & Shamrock
This is Part 2 of a Paint Shop Pro X tutorial creating an elf or leprechaun in the very popular Manga style of cartoon drawing. In this continuation of the tutorial we'll create the body and a shamrock.

Draw Your Own Bubble Letters
Draw your own chubby bubble letters with this tutorial and the vector tools in Paint Shop Pro X.

Paint Shop Pro 8 and 9 Transformations
With the introduction of the Pen tool, Paint Shop Pro is becoming a serious vector graphics tool. The Pen tool performs the work of the old PSP7 Draw tool in creating paths and contours, but it also serves as the node edit tool and has introduced easy to use vector transformation. Tutorial by Ron Lacey.

Pretty Kitty Vector Drawing Tutorial by Arizona Kate
Create a pretty kitty while learning to draw with the vector tools in Paint Shop Pro. This tutorial was written for those who are new to vector tools and each step is explained in detail. It may appear to be a very long tutorial ...but don't let that scare you away... we'll only need a few shapes to create our pretty kitty.

Creating and Exporting Shapes
Learn how to create a custom shape and export it from PSP version 7.

Creating Vector Shapes
Part one of a four part node editing primer for PSP 6. Covers drawing nodes, types of nodes, creating and editing shapes, and making cutouts. Excellent!

Draw and Shapes Tools
The Draw and Preset Shapes tools can be used in either vector or raster mode. Using these two tools, you can create just about any outlined graphic you want with little effort. For PSP 7.

Draw Tool Options
Descriptions of the various options for the Draw Tool in PSP6.

Fun-Lines in PSP7: Part 1
Create custom line styles with the point-to-point lines feature.

Fun-Lines in PSP7: Part 2
Use text on a path with unusual font characters to create interesting effects. Here's one that resembles a flexible pipe.

Intro To Bezier Curves
Get to know this powerful tool in PSP.

Line Types
An introduction to the various types of lines that can be used in Paint Shop Pro 6.

Preset Shapes
Explore the preset shapes in PSP 7.

PSP 7 Vector Tools Intro
An excellent overview of the vector tools in Paint Shop Pro 7.

Simple Vector Ghost
Draw a ghost. Easy and simple for a beginner with vectors.

Stained Glass Vector Pattern
Create a stained glass pattern from vector shapes.

Vector Selections
Use the vector drawing tools and node editing capabilities in Paint Shop Pro 6 to make precise selections.

Vector Shapes
A basic introduction to vector shapes and node editing in Paint Shop Pro 6.

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