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Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes - Tutorials and Tips

Information and tutorials about using, making, finding, troubleshooting, and managing picture tubes in Paint Shop Pro.
  1. Free Tubes for PSP

What are Picture Tubes? What are TUB and PSPTUBE files?
Learn what you need to know about Picture Tubes, a file format and tool feature of the photo editor Paint Shop Pro. Learn exactly what tubes are and how you can use them in Paint Shop Pro or in other software.

Using Picture Tubes from a Previous Version of PSP in PSPX
This tutorial shows you how you can use tubes from a previous version of Paint Shop Pro with Paint Shop Pro X.

Loading Third-Party Tubes into Paint Shop Pro X
Paint Shop Pro X has simplified adding downloaded tubes to your collection. Previously, you had to use a tube converter or open the image in PSP and go through the File > Export Tube Process. With Paint Shop Pro X, all you need to do is unzip the downloaded file into one of the two Paint Shop Pro Picture Tube Directories.

Summer Cottage Tube Painting
In this tutorial, we'll create a 'Summer Cottage' landscape painting with a few tubes you probably already have. Along the way, we'll show you a few artistic tricks to 'fine tune' your tubes to add more interest and depth to your painting.

Creating and Exporting Tubes
Here we will create a simple tube, nothing fancy just a simple image so you can understand how they work and be on your way to creating your own tubes.

Fun with PSP6 Tubes
Several examples of what you can do with the native tubes in PSP6.

Jungle 3D Tutorials for Paint Shop Pro
Several tutorials on working with tubes and brushes in Paint Shop Pro. Includes all of the brushes, lighting libraries, textures, etc. necessary to complete the tutorials.

Tube Extractor Freeware
This free program converts PSP Picture Tubes into 32-bit PNG files with alpha transparency so your tubes can be used in any software that supports PNG format.

Tube Painting
A demonstration on creating tube paintings.

Tube Placement Options
Explains the placement options for picture tubes in PSP7: placement mode, step size, and selection mode.

Tubes from Hemera Objects
Learn how to create tubes from Hemera's Photo Objects.

What are Tubes?
Tubes explained, plus tips for adding tubes, saving tubes, and troubleshooting tube problems.

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