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Creating Backgrounds, Textures and Patterns in Paint Shop Pro

Tutorials for creating textures, seamless pattern tiles, and backgrounds in Jasc Paint Shop Pro.

Cookbook Chex - Checkerboard and Gingham Pattern
Learn how to create the red and white check pattern many of us are familiar with seeing on the popular "Better Homes & Gardens" cookbook. This seamless pattern tile can be used for webpage backgrounds, email stationery, custom text, CD covers, calendars, greeting cards, scrapbooking, or many other things!

Decorate Your Desktop
This lesson shows you how to make a seamless wallpaper for your desktop using native picture tubes in Paint Shop Pro 6.

Festive Holiday Background
This lesson shows you how to make a seamless bordered background for your Web page using layers and native picture tubes in Paint Shop Pro 6.

Abstract Grunge Background
Create a trendy abstract background for wallpapers, splash pages and more. Intermediate level for Paint Shop Pro 7.

Auto Tiled Backgrounds
You can create a variety of backgrounds very easily with just one texture and the Convert to Seamless Pattern command in Paint Shop Pro.

Background Lessons
How to make background borders, seamless tiles beveled backgrounds, embossed backgrounds, and background sets.

Blurred Textures
Select a portion of a photos and apply a blur to create simple textures.

Bronze Wall
Use the spray tool with a texture and the hot wax coating effect to create a brick wall background texture. Ver. 5 or 6.

Curved Border Background
Use the bezier curve tool in PSP5 to create a wavy border edge background for your Web page.

Easy Grid
A simple way to add a grid to your images using the tiles effect. Can be adapted to create a wireframe sphere. For PSP 5 and up.

Easy Textures
Tutorials on techniques for creating 28 different textures, most using only PSP's native effects. A few techniques require plug-in filters.

Use the Straw Wall effect in PSP 7 to create an interesting shattered effect.

Folded Fabric Border
Create a left edge border that looks like folds of fabric.

Make Your Own Paper Textures
Create custom paper textures and install them to your papers directory in PSP.

Marbled Swirl Patterns
A simple technique to create swirled marble patterns with the airbrush and smudge tool. The final example shows the patterns used in a logo for a stained glass effect. PSP5.

Making a Plaid Pattern
How to make a country plaid gingham pattern in Paint Shop Pro.

Photo Texture
"This tutorial will show how a photo may be used to create a texture. It will also explain one way that the texture can be used." Uses Paint Shop Pro 7 and FM Tile Tools.

Rock Texture
Use gradients and image effects to create a rough rocky texture in PSP.

Create a satin background texture in Paint Shop Pro 5 or 6.

Seamless Border Background with Tubes
How to create a border background that tiles seamlessly, using tubes in PSP5.

Seamless Tiles
One way to create seamless tiles to use as a Web page backgrounds or desktop wallpaper. For Paint Shop Pro 7.

Simple Pastel Background
Start with any image and transform it to a soft pastel background that will tile seamlessly. PSP5.

Techno Weave
Create a rusty screen texture for interfaces or other uses. For PSP 6 or higher.

Textile Textures
Learn a simple way to create a textile background texture.

Torn Paper
Learn how to create a Web page border background that looks like torn paper. PSP 5.

Weave Patterns
Create woven patterns from scratch in PSP5, without the use of plug-in filters. Infinite variations are possible.

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