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Working with Selections and Masks in Paint Shop Pro

Tutorials for creating and working with selections and masks in Paint Shop Pro. Tips for making complex selections, using alpha channels to save selections, and working with masks to achieve creative effects and transparency.

Create a Vignette (Soft Fade) Effect
A vignette, or soft fade, is a popular photo effect where the photo gradually fades into a solid colored background, usually in an oval shape. By using a mask, you can create this effect flexibly and non-destructively.

Channel Mask
A simple technique which involves splitting an image into channels and editing a channel to quickly create a grayscale mask. It also demonstrates the layer matting commands.

Channels and Masks
This technique involves splitting the image into RGB channels, then editing and combining those channels to create a mask which preserves the soft, billowing edges of the jets' vapor trails.

Smart Edge Lasso Tool
The smart edge option for the lasso tool detects the edges of an object, easing the task of making complex selections. It's not perfect, though, so this example will show you how to refine the selection using the painting tools in mask edit mode.

Artistic Effects with Masks
Use masks to create artistic effects in Paint Shop Pro.

Back to Basics - Selections
Wendy Peck thoroughly explains Paint Shop Pro's selection tools, types of selections,and how to modify, save, and share selections. Covers both PSP 6 and 7.

Magic of Masks
Learn about the importance of masks and how to use them in PSP 5.

Selection Masks
Learn about working with selection masks in Paint Shop Pro 6.

Masks for Partial Transparency
Learn to use masks to make portions of images transparent and to apply varying levels of transparency.

Masks in PSP 5
Learn all about masks and how they work in Paint Shop Pro 5.

Paint Shop Pro Masks
Learn the basic technique for creating a mask in Paint Shop Pro.

Selection Tools & Methods
A nice overview of the selections tools available in PSP 5, 6, and 7.

The Alpha Channel
What is it? What's it good for? How do you use it? All the answers are here with easy to understand explanations.

Selection Basics
Selections are one of the most important parts of PSP in my opinion. The selection tools control how you isolate your image (or part of) so that you can edit it.

Selection Tools
This tutorial will cover the tools on the toolbar that can be used to create selections. For PSP 7.

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