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Retouch, Repair and Restore Photos in Paint Shop Pro

Tutorials for image correction, retouching, repair, and photo enhancement in Paint Shop Pro. Learn techniques for restoring old or damaged photos, correcting common problems, fixing other flaws that need to be repaired. Remove unwanted moire patterns, dust, spots, stains, scratches, tears, wrinkles, red eye, and noise from digital photos.

How to Remove Red Eye
It's the perfect picture... except it's been ruined by those unsightly, glowing red eyes from camera flash. It's happened to us all, fortunately, it's fairly easy to correct.

Quick Portrait Enhancement - "Soft Focus" Method 1
This simple technique produces a warm glow, softening details and diminishing noise and artifacts. It works especially well on portraits, but don't hesitate to try it on other types of images.

Quick Portrait Enhancement - "Soft Focus" Method 2
This technique mimics a diffusion filter, softening the photo, reducing harsh lines and wrinkles, and intesifying the colors. It's great for portraits and also works well for reducing JPEG artifacts.

How to Whiten Teeth With Paint Shop Pro
You don't need special toothpaste if you've got Paint Shop Pro! The dodge tool makes quick work of whitening and brightening your smile.

How to Smooth Skin and Conceal Blemishes
Wouldn't we all like to look a few years younger or magically erase facial blemishes? Luckily we can turn back the clock digitally with the help of Paint Shop Pro.

Removing Backgrounds
Explore unique approaches to removing backgrounds that might not be obvious to the average user. Step-by step techniques using channels and masks, plus how to make and refine complex selections with the Smart Edge option for the lasso tool.

Get That Out of My Picture
Several techniques for editing out unwanted portions of a photo.

Suggestions to enhance hair, teeth, and facial features to improve your photos.

Moire Pattern Removal
"Learn 3 ways to remove the unwanted dot pattern after scanning from a screened and printed image from a newspaper, book or magazine."

Removing a Paper Pattern from Scanned Photo
"Use a gaussian blur to hide the pattern. Use Level layer set to overlay to increase the contrast in the image."

Repairing Old Photographs
Procedure for repairing a photo that had been cracked in two. Uses Paint Shop Pro 7.

Sans Cloning Tutorial
If blurring, repetitive patterns and 'unnatural' grain left by the Clone tool has you pulling out your hair, try making your repairs using Sans Cloning. Works in all photo editing programs with "Layer" capability.

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