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Photo Manipulation, Compositing and Photo Effects in Paint Shop Pro

Tips and techniques for manipulating and compositing photos in Paint Shop Pro. These tutorials show you how you can blend images to create collages, remove backgrounds, and achieve creative photo effects. Learn how to colorize pictures, apply artistic effects to make photographs look like art, and more.

Create a Dreamy Photo Effect with Blend Modes in Paint Shop Pro
Blend modes in Paint Shop Pro and other software allow you to combine the pixels of one layer with the pixels of the layers underneath it in various ways depending on the mode selected. In this tutorial, learn how to use blend modes in Paint Shop Pro to give a photo a soft, dreamy appearance.

Faking Depth of Field with Paint Shop Pro by Ron Lacey
Depth of field is the range of distance for which the subject is rendered in acceptably sharp focus in the photographic image. The photographer has a number of ways to regulate the depth of field when he takes the photograph. In PSP we can use gaussian blur combined with layer masks and/or selections to realistically mimic a restricted depth of field.

Step-by-Step Depth of Field in Paint Shop Pro
An illustrated tutorial for adding depth of field to an image in Paint Shop Pro. Tutorial by Ron Lacey.

Add a Watermark to a Photo in Paint Shop Pro
Protect your photos and images by adding a translucent copyright watermark over them to identify them as your own work. Here's step-by-step instructions for adding a watermark to an image in Paint Shop Pro.

How To Apply a Sepia Tone to a Photo
Step-by-step instructions for tinting a photo with a sepia tone in Paint Shop Pro.

Quick Portrait Enhancement - "Soft Focus" Method 1
This simple technique produces a warm glow, softening details and diminishing noise and artifacts. It works especially well on portraits, but don't hesitate to try it on other types of images.

Quick Portrait Enhancement - "Soft Focus" Method 2
This technique mimics a diffusion filter, softening the photo, reducing harsh lines and wrinkles, and intesifying the colors. It's great for portraits and also works well for reducing JPEG artifacts.

Aging Photos
Give your photos an aged look and add a sepia tone. Techniques and tips for version 5 or 6.

Blending Images
Utilize the modify opacity selection in Paint Shop Pro 4 to combine three images together.

Blending Photos
Combine several photos with this compositing technique for PSP 5 and up.

Easily apply a charcoal effect to a photo using native commands and effects in PSP6.

Converting Photos to Pencil Sketches
A very nice effect that transforms a photo into a pencil sketch. The free, eliminate white filter is required, but a link is provided. PSP5.

Colorizing Photos
Tips and suggestions on various techniques for adding color to grayscale images.

Colorizing the background of an image can give emphasis to the main subject of a photo. Learn how to do it with PSP6 using the freehand selection tool and the colorize command.

Comet Surfer (Compositing)
Learn how to combine two images in PSP6 with this tutorial where a surfer is placed onto a comet.

Create a DreamScape
Create a fantasy dreamscape by compositing different elements from several images. PSP5.

Image Manipulation
General techniques for manipulating images... covers using masks, combining images, cleaning up selections, adding a watermark, and fixing an old photo.

Impressionism Effect
This really quick effect converts a photographic image into small daubs of color similar to those seen in an impressionist painting.

Pencil Sketch Effects
Convert a photo to a pencil sketch effect using the native effects in PSP 5 and up.

Pencil Sketch
Apply a sketched effect to a photo using various native effects and blend modes in PSP 5 or 6.

Soft Color Haze
"This tutorial will show how to create a soft colored haze type effect on an image as well as some possibilities on how to use it." Uses Paint Shop Pro 7

Stitching and Blending Photos Together
Learn how to reassemble a two part scan back to one image, or blend two images using layers.

Superimposing an Image in PSP6
Use blend modes to superimpose an image onto another.

Water Colors from Photographs
This tutorial shows you how to make a photo emulate a watercolor painting using Paint Shop Pro 7.

Convert a photo to black and white line art with a stippled, or pointillism, effect. PSP5.

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