1. Technology

Creating Popular Special Effects in Paint Shop Pro

Tips and techniques for creating popular special effects in Paint Shop Pro. These tutorials utilize many of PSP's native effects and filters.
  1. Photo Effects/Manipulation

Add a Watermark to a Photo in Paint Shop Pro
Protect your photos and images by adding a translucent copyright watermark over them to identify them as your own work. Here's step-by-step instructions for adding a watermark to an image in Paint Shop Pro.

3D Spheres in PSP6
Several variations on 3D spheres.

Add Scanlines to your Image
Create the ever-popular horizontal scan lines overlay effect in Paint Shop Pro 7.

Advanced Engraving
Use line art with the cutout filter to create engravings on a texture or pattern.

Aged Newspaper
Use new features in PSP 7 to create an aged newspaper. Includes variations with burnt edges, torn pages, and multiple pages.

How to create cutout text and graphics.

Glass Bubbles
Use layers and effects to add a glass bubble over another image. Can be adapted for other glass effects. You can download the working file used in the tutorial. Version 6 and up.

Glow From a Tube
Use tubes to create various glow effects including a hand holding a glowing star.

Grid Overlay
Add a grid effect to any image. Beginner level for Paint Shop Pro 7.

Inlaid Wood
A very striking inlaid wood effect using alpha channels.

Into the Shadows
An excellent overview on using shadows in your work. Additional pages includes tutorials for creating shadow effects in Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop.

Let There Be Lines
Two pages of techniques for creating a variety of lines including faded lines, textured lined, grids, TV scanlines, and dotted lines.

Making Lightning
Create a lightning effect in PSP 5 and up without the use of plug-ins.

Give a photo a neon look by using the solarize and colorize commands in PSP 5 or 6.

Sculpture Effect
Use the new sculpture effect in Paint Shop Pro 6 to give images dimension, apply a cartoon effects to photos, make cutout effects, and create wood textures.

Stitched Leather
A somewhat advanced tutorial for a stitched leather effect. PSP5.

Texture Fill
Fill text with an image and add a horizontal line screen texture. PSP6.

Textured Sphere
Learn how to convert a square textured image into a sphere with PSP6.

Watermarking an Image
Put a mark on your images to identify them as your own. For Paint Shop Pro 7.

Watermarking Photos
Learn how to create a digital watermark to protect your images.

Wood Engraving
Transform a photo into a wood engraving in PSP5. Nice effect.

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