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Creating Borders Frames & Edge Effects in Paint Shop Pro

Tutorials for creating decorative borders, photo edge effects, and picture frames in Paint Shop Pro.

Create a Vignette (Soft Fade) Effect
A vignette, or soft fade, is a popular photo effect where the photo gradually fades into a solid colored background, usually in an oval shape. By using a mask, you can create this effect flexibly and non-destructively.

Adding Picture Frames
Learn how to use any frame image with the Picture Frame feature in PSP 6 and 7 with just a few modifications.

1 Pixel Bevel Border
This technique create a subtle raised effect for interface elements. Advanced level for Paint Shop Pro 7.

Edge Masks Are Easy
Learn to use masks to add edge effects to your images.

Faded Backgrounds & Faded Borders
Several techniques for creating faded effects, vignettes, and gradual fades.

Frame a Graphic
Several techniques for framing your images.

Frames From Vector Shapes
Learn how to create irregularly shaped frames from PSP6's vector drawing tools.

Glass Frame
"This tutorial will show yet another way to make a frame." Uses Paint Shop Pro 7

Mitered Wood Picture Frame
Use layers, the flood fill tool and selection tools to create a mitered wood picture frame with a matte. Version 5 and up.

Page Curl
Create the page curl effect in PSP 4 without filters.

Photo Edges in PSP 5
Create fancy edges for your photos using grayscale masks in Paint Shop Pro. Offers several free masks you can download to use with this technique.

Photo Edges
How to create interesting photo edges in PSP 4 without filters.

Picture Frames
Learn how to use the new picture frames function in PSP 6.

Rounded Picture Frame
Add a 3D round frame to a picture in PSP6.

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