1. Technology

Essential Tutorials for Jasc Paint Shop Pro

Learn the basics or expand your skills with these tutorials for essential techniques in Jasc Paint Shop Pro.
  1. Layers & Blend Modes (7)
  2. Photo Editing & Effects (51)
  3. PSP Basics and Tools (66)
  4. Using Picture Tubes in PSP (13)
  5. Create Art/Special Effects (114)
  6. Selections and Masks (15)
  7. Web Graphics / Interfaces (47)

Installation and Use of Plugin Filters in PSP
A nice overview on how to set-up, organize, and install plug-in filters for use in PSP version 5, 6, and 7.

Managing Plug-ins in Paint Shop Pro
Tips for organizing and installing plug-ins in PSP.

Paint Shop Pro Frequently Asked Questions
An archive of tips and answers from the generous users at news:comp.graphics.apps.paint-shop-pro.

Quick Color Grabs
Save a set of your favorite colors to a file, then learn how you can use PSP's eyedropper to make quick color selections without remembering and entering color values.

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