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Easy A to Z Yearbook with Paint Shop Pro


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A to Z Yearbook with Paint Shop Pro - Introduction
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Today we'll create a special A to Z memory book that's quick and easy to do.

I call this digital scrapbook an 'A to Z Yearbook' because it has one page for each letter of the alphabet which, when finished, documents a year of a child's life. If we take a new photo every 2 weeks, by the end of the year we'll have a complete A to Z yearbook. Twenty-six pages may sound like a lot, but this is easy! We only need to find time to make 1 page every 2 weeks! This works especially well if you have a digital camera. We can use Paint Shop Pro to make a complete digital collage of photo, photo mats, journaling, and embellishments or use PSP just to create portions of the page.

Each page will be themed to coordinate with an alphabet letter. A for Apple (photo of child with apples), B for ball (photo of child playing with ball), C for cat with photo of child with kitty! You get the idea.

An added bonus of this A to Z Yearbook is that it is an alphabet learning book too!

This tutorial will walk you through creating one page of the A to Z Yearbook. Along the way you may discover some tips and tricks for creating digital scrapbook pages that look as good as handmade! We'll also make some seamless patterns and a page template! Once you've made the A page you can use the template and your own imagination to complete the alphabet!

This was written for Paint Shop Pro 8 & 9. Nearly any version of PSP would be suitable, however, tool options may be slightly different. You can get a demo from Corel.

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