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Creative Lettering: Changing Text Colors in Paint Shop Pro


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Creative Lettering: Changing Colors
Creative Lettering: Changing Colors
This tutorial will walk you thru the vector tools in Paint Shop Pro to design some unique and creative lettering using two, three or even more colors for each letter of the word. Of course you can create words where each letter is a different color by entering one letter at a time, but there's a much easier and faster way! Using PSP's vector tools, we can change the color of each character within a word or add a pattern fill to just one letter. We can also change size, shape and alignment.

Items needed:
Paint Shop Pro
This tutorial was written for Paint Shop Pro version 8, however, many versions of PSP include vector tools. Users of other versions should be able to follow along, however, some icons, tool locations and other features may be slightly different than what I've described here. If you run into a problem, write me or visit the graphics software forum where you'll find lots of help!

Optional fill patterns for your creative lettering.

This tutorial might be considered 'advanced beginner' level. Some familiarity with the basic tools is all that's needed. Vector tools will be explained.

In this tutorial we will frequently use right click to access commands. The same commands can be found in the Menu Bar. The Objects menu contains commands specific to vector objects. If you prefer to use keyboard, choose Help > Keyboard Map to display the shortcut keys.

OK...now that we've got those details out of the way, let's get started…

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