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Animated Interlocking Hearts with Paint Shop Pro X and Animation Shop


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Hearts All A-Glitter!
Glittery hearts #3

Learn how to create these animated interlocking hearts with Paint Shop Pro X and Animation Shop.

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With this tutorial we'll create two interlocking hearts filled with sparkling glitter. We'll create the hearts using Paint Shop Pro X and the glitter effect using Animation Shop (v.3). Any pre-made, seamless, animated glitter pattern can be used. The image above is one example. More examples are shown in the following steps.
Note: Animation Shop was included free with all prior versions of Paint Shop Pro but is not included with PSP X. If you don't have a copy, you can download a demo at Corel.com. You might be able to find an old version of PSP for a good price at a yard sale or on eBay and get Animation Shop along with it!

Before starting this tutorial, you'll need to find and download a pre-made glitter pattern tile of your choice. There are many places on the Web where you can find glitter tiles. FlashLites has a nice selection of free glitter pattern tiles.

You'll also need a Preset Shape in the form of a heart. If I remember correctly, no heart shapes are included with PSP X. I have all Preset Shapes for all PSP versions grouped together in my "PSP Library" folder and I can't remember for sure which shapes came with which version. So, just in case it's needed, I've included a heart here for you to download. Download and unzip into your Preset Shapes folder. The file format is .PspShape, which works in PSP versions 8 thru X only.

Download Heart Shape

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