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Animated Signature Tag - Getting Started
This is the animation we will make.

This is the animation we will make.

It's the end of summer as I write & time for back to school so...

Let's create an animated sig tag to make for your favorite teacher for yourself or for that person who always gets their name on the board! I will make one for my friend Nancy. The skill level for this project is probably 'advanced beginner.'

We'll use a font to create the images and all animation frames will be created as layers in Paint Shop Pro before importing into Animation Shop. We should be able to do this in 10 easy steps!

Items needed:

  • This was written for Paint Shop Pro v.8 Nearly any version of PSP would be suitable however tool options may be slightly different.
  • Animation Shop v.3 will also be used to create the animated gif. You can get a copy at jasc.com or corel.com.
We'll use 2 fonts:

Lots of fonts can be found at Font Paradise or from Desktop Publishing at About.com.

A note about file formats:
The new file format used by v.8/9 is not recognized by the current version of Animation Shop v.3. When saving a PSP image for animation users of PSP 8 & 9 must change the FILE TYPE when saving.

When saving in version 8 or 8.01 select the Options button then select the radio button to 'save as PSP7 compatible'.

If you have updated PSP to version 8.10 or newer Animation Shop has been added as a 'file type'. When you save change the File Type to 'Animation Shop'.

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