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Intertwined Lacy Hearts in Paint Shop Pro X


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Intertwined Lacy Hearts in PSP X - Introduction
Intertwined Valentine hearts
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Two hearts intertwined! Perfect for a Valentine greeting! It's even dressed up with a lacy trim. You might call it faux rick-rack, but whatever it's called, it is super-easy to make! This Paint Shop Pro X tutorial will show you how to create the trim and the intertwining hearts effect. Use the finished image to create a Valentine, to frame a couple of photos, or maybe make a sig tag.

What you need:

This tutorial was written for Paint Shop Pro version X but any version with vectors can do the job! Actually, with a few more Steps, hearts can be created without vector tools, so any version of PSP will do!

You'll also need a Preset Shape in the form of a heart. If I remember correctly, no heart shapes are provided with PSP X. My shapes for all PSP versions are grouped together in the same folder and I can't remember for sure which shapes came with which version. So I've included one here for download... just in case! This heart shape was provided by Jasc in a previous version of PSP. Download and unzip into your Preset Shapes folder. This shape is in the new .PspShape format. PSP 7 and older won't recognize this format.

Download Heart Shape

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