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Rose Covered Cottage Tutorial

Pixel Painting with Paint Shop Pro


Tutorial by Arizona Kate, Contributor

Paint a rose-covered cottage country landscape in the 'pixel art' style using Paint Shop Pro. Pixel Art is one painting method that works equally well with a mouse or a graphics tablet and with any paint program. These instructions, however, are written for Paint Shop Pro X.

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The finished pixel art paintingIntro: What is Pixel Art?Comparison of using a black outline or no outline.Tool SettingsCottage with base colors filled in.Base Colors & SelectionsSiding and brick pattern tilesWhite Lap Siding
Close-up of pattern tile for roof shakes.Roof Shingles/ShakesClose-up of door detail.Front Door DetailsClose-ups of windows and trim.Shade and Highlight Window TrimClose-up of roof trim and porch posts.Roof Trim and Other Details
Close-up of shadows from gable overhang.Cast ShadowsMore cast shadow locationsMore Cast ShadowsA few more places for cast shadows.Finishing the BuildingWindows close-upBehind the Windows
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