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Color Replacer Tool and Homework

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo Basics - Lesson 4


Color Replacer Tool
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The Color Replacer tool works a bit differently. It covers all of one color with another by using foreground or background colors, depending on whether you click the left or right mouse button. The tool options palette is a lot like the one for your basic brushes with one exception, the Tolerance setting. Like the Color Changer, the Tolerance setting controls how much of one color is being replaced with a new color. If you set Tolerance to 0, the replaced pixels must match exactly. Setting Tolerance to higher values changes colors that closely match.

Homework Assignments for Lesson 4

  • Open a colorful image of your own. Use the Count Colors method to count the colors in the image.

  • Make a duplicate copy of your image and reduce the amount of colors in the image, compare the difference.

  • Open any image. Decrease and/or increase the color depth of the images. Compare to the originals.

  • Use the Monitor Calibration Wizard to set up your color profiles.

  • Make a saturation adjustment on the image provided or one of your own using the Adjustment Layers method.

  • Make a saturation adjustment using the Adjust menu method.

  • Adjust the Color Balance of an image.

  • Resize and Resample some of your own images using the different methods. Compare and see which you like best.

  • Follow along with the Clarify sharpening method.

  • Sharpen any image(s) using methods discussed in the lessons. Compare the results and see which worked best for you.

  • Use the Color Changer tool to replace a color in an image.

  • Use the Color Replacer tool to replace a color in an image. Compare the results with your Color Changer exercise.

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