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How to Make a Tilt Shift Effect in Paint.NET


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How to Make a Tilt Shift Effect in Paint.NET
Tilt Shift Effect in Paint.NET
Photo © kconnors from Morgufile
In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how you can apply a tilt shift effect to your photos using the free image editor, Paint.NET. The tilt shift effect has been popularized by many photo filter apps and it is also sometimes referred to as a miniature effect. If you've seen any photos of real life scenes that look as if they're photos of toy scenes, then you already know this technique.

This effect takes its name from tilt shift lenses, which are a special type of lens where the front element can be moved resulting in just a narrow band of the photo being in focus. Traditionally, these lenses have been used for specialist reasons, such as photographing tool buildings without the vertical lines converging. However they're also commonly used for applying this miniaturization effect.

The lenses themselves are relatively expensive, but thankfully it is quite an easy effect to replicate in an image editor like Paint.NET. To follow along with this tutorial, you'll need a copy of Paint.NET, and you'll also need to download and install the free Alpha Mask Import plugin, but I'll explain more about this in the first step.

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