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How to Have Editable Text in Paint.NET


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How to Use the Paint.NET Editable Text Plugin
Using the Paint.NET Editable Text Plugin
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Once you've got the plugin installed, you can launch Paint.NET.

If you're familiar with the software, when you look in the Effects menu, you'll notice a new sub-group in there called Tools and this contains most of the new features that installing the plugin pack will have added.

To use the editable text plugin, go to Layers > Add New Layer or click the Add New Layer button at the bottom left of the Layers palette. You could add editable text direct to the background layer, but adding a new layer for each section of text keeps things much more flexible.

Now go to Effects > Tools > Editable Text and you'll see a new Editable Text dialog open. You use this dialog box to add and edit your text, so click in the empty input box and type anything you want. I employed a 14 year old copywriter to come up with the text in the accompanying image.

Once you've added some text, the bar of controls across the top of the dialog allow you to select a different font, change the color of the text and apply other styles. Anyone who has used a basic word processor before will have no trouble understanding how these functions work. When you're happy, click the OK button.

If you wish to edit the text later, just click on the text layer in the layers palette to select it and go to Effects > Tools > Editable Text. The dialog box will open again and you can make whatever changes you like to the text.

One word of warning, if you paint on a layer that contains editable text, you may find that the text is no longer editable. One way to see this is to use the Paint Bucket tool to fill the area surrounding the text. When you go to the Editable Text tool again, you will only have the option to add new text. For that reason, you should avoid doing any painting or drawing on layers that contain editable text.

On the final page, I'll show you how the positioning and angling features work to offer even greater flexibility.

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