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Paint.NET Resources and Tutorials

Paint.NET is a free photo editor for Windows which features layers, blending modes, special effects, unlimited undo history, and a number of image adjustments and filter effects. Besides the standard pixel-based painting and selection tools, Paint.NET also includes easy to use tools for drawing shapes and lines, a text tool, a clone stamp, and a recolor tool. Here you can find links to tutorials and other resources for the Paint.NET user community.

How to Make a Tilt Shift Effect in Paint.NET
Learn how to create the popular title shift effect in Paint.NET to give your photos a miniature or toy scene appearance.

How to Use Custom Brushes in Paint.NET
Although Paint.NET does not support custom brushes, you can add this feature with a free plugin. Learn how to install the plugin and start using custom brushes in Paint.NET.

How to Have Editable Text in Paint.NET
Paint.NET's default text tool does not allow you to edit text after it has been added to an image, but you can install a free plugin to have editable text in Paint.NET. Learn how to install and use the editable text plugin in Paint.NET.

How to Make a Fun Picture in Paint.NET Using a Cut Out Cartoon
Learn how to create a funny cartoon with a picture in this easy tutorial for Paint.NET where you put a face inside of leprechaun clip art for St. Patrick's Day.

How to Create the Dreamy Soft Focus Orton Effect in Paint.NET
Learn how you can easily produce a dreamy soft focus Orton effect in this tutorial for any level of Paint.NET user.

Glossy Text Paint.NET Text Effect Tutorial
This simple tutorial will show you how to create a glossy text effect in Paint.NET.

Easy Way to Change the Color of Digital Papers in Paint.NET
The Hue / Saturation feature in Paint.NET offers an easy way to change the color of digital papers. This is a simple technique for digital scrapbooking projects where the color of a digital paper isn't right for a certain project.

How to Write a Color Palette for Paint.NET
With a basic text editor, you can edit color schemes produced with the free online palette generator Color Scheme Designer so that you can open them in Paint.NET.

How to Import a Color Palette into Paint.NET
You can't import color schemes as palettes into Paint.NET, but this trick will help you use pre-generated color palettes within the image editor.

Add a Graphic Watermark in Paint.NET
Paint.NET can be used to add semi-transparent graphic watermarks to your images. Using a logo to form a watermark can help to protect the copyright of your intellectual property and reinforce your brand.

Add a Text Watermark in Paint.NET
Paint.NET can be used to apply semi-transparent watermarks to your images. Adding a watermark to your images is very easy using Paint.NET and can help to protect your copyright, since a watermark will make it harder for a casual user to infringe your intellectual property.

Make Your Photos Better Using Paint.NET Levels
Paint.NET's Levels adjustment feature can help you make your digital photos look even better. This easy technique using levels can really give a boost to photos that appear to be too low in contrast.

Make Your Photos Better Using Paint.NET Curves
The Curves feature of Paint.NET can be an easy way to improve the appearance of digital photos. Using Paint.NET's Curves feature may sound complex, but it is in fact a very easy and intuitive way to make adjustments to your photos.

Gradient Tool in Paint.NET
The Gradient tool in Paint.NET can produce some very striking effects and has a lot of flexibility thanks to the options available. Gradients can be used very effectively when combining elements on different layers and it is worth spending a little time experimenting with the different options available.

Paint Bucket Tool in Paint.NET
The Paint Bucket tool in Paint.NET offers a variety of ways to apply colors and patterns to an image. The various options of the Paint Bucket tool mean it is a powerful and flexible tool that can be used to apply color and patterns in a variety of ways.

Pan Tool in Paint.NET
The pan tool in Paint.NET makes it easy to move a page around when you are zoomed in. Learn how to use the pan tool, as well as some alternative methods for panning a document.

Zoom Tool in Paint.NET
The Zoom tool in Paint.NET allows you to work more accurately by magnifying part of the page. Learn how to use the zoom tool, and alternative ways of zooming in and zooming out with Paint.NET.

Move Selection Tool in Paint.NET
The Move Selection tool in Paint.NET allows selections to be moved, resized and rotated. Making and using selections within Paint.NET can be a very powerful way to edit images and the Move Selection tool is an important part of making the most of this feature.

Move Selected Pixels Tool in Paint.NET
The Move Selected Pixels tool in Paint.NET allows the contents of selections to be moved, resized and rotated.

Ellipse Select Tool in Paint.NET
The Ellipse Select tool in Paint.NET can produce elaborate selections using the different selection modes.

Lasso Select Tool in Paint.NET
Understand the Lasso Select tool in Paint.NET and how the Selection Modes work.

How to Draw a Love Heart in Paint.NET
This tutorial will show you how to draw a love heart in Paint.NET quickly and easily. This will be perfect for use in any Valentine's Day or romantically themed projects that you have to work on.

Lomo Effect Tutorial in Paint.NET
This tutorial shows you how to simulate a Lomo effect in a digital photo using Paint.NET to add a vignette, adjust the color curve, and add film grain.

How to Create a Custom Greeting Card in Paint.NET
This tutorial shows how you can produce a double-sided greeting card in Paint.NET using your own digital photos.

How to Draw a Christmas Tree in Paint.NET - Draw a Christmas Tree Tutorial
This tutorial shows how to draw a Christmas tree in Paint.NET using simple triangular shapes. Paint.NET doesn't have a tool for drawing triangles, so the first part of this tutorial shows how to produce a triangle. This demonstrates how a little lateral thought can help you produce effects that otherwise might not look very straightforward.

Fake Snow in Paint.NET - Tutorial to Add Fake Snow to a Photo in Paint.NET
This tutorial will demonstrate how to add a fake snow effect to a photo using Paint.NET.

Magic Wand Tool in Paint.NET
The Magic Wand can be a very powerful tool allowing you to make complex selections that might not be possible otherwise. Making full use of the...

Rectangle Select Tool in Paint.NET
The Rectangle Select tool in Paint.NET can produce more than simple rectangle selections. The different selection modes mean that some unusual and...

Anatomy of the Tools Palette in Paint.NET
The Tools palette in Paint.NET offers tools for making selections and painting images. The Tools palette offers a strong range of tools and to get...

Anatomy of the History Palette in Paint.NET
The History palette in Paint.NET is a convenient way to move through the steps that have been taken to produce a piece, rather than using the...

Paint.NET Review
Paint.NET is a free pixel-based image editor suitable for basic image enhancement and more advanced creative work on Windows machines.

Anatomy of the Layers Palette in Paint.NET
This is an explanation of the anatomy of the Layers palette in Paint.NET and the features available. The Layers palette in Paint.NET is a flexible tool that offers a wide range of creative options.

Anatomy of the Colors Palette in Paint.NET
This article looks at the Colors palette in Paint.NET. The Colors palette in Paint.NET offers a surprising range of features for specifying colors.

Anatomy of Free Pixel-Based Image Editor Paint.NET
This is a quick introduction to the Paint.NET user interface and anatomy of Paint.NET.

Dripping Blood Text Tutorial in Paint.NET
A tutorial to produce dripping blood text suitable for Halloween using Paint.NET. The same technique can be used to mimic dripping wet paint for a graffiti effect.

Add Fake Rain to a Photo in Paint.NET
Here's a simple technique for adding the effect of fake rain to a photo using the free pixel-based image editor Paint.NET. This fake rain effect is quite straightforward and even new users to Paint.NET should have little difficulty following the steps to produce a striking final image.

Rubber Stamp Effect with Paint.NET - Make Distressed Grunge Textures
This tutorial will show you how to produce a rubber stamp like graphic. Rubber stamps don't produce perfect prints when applied to paper and the technique we use to replicate the imperfect impression can also be used to produce grunge style effects where text and images look distressed.

Use Paint.NET to Correct a Dark Photo Due to Underexposure
A photo image editing tutorial to show you how to correct a dark, underexposed image with the free photo editor Paint.NET.

Fixing Overexposure Paint.NET Tutorial
This Paint.NET photo image editing tutorial shows how to correct a too-light photo due to overexposure.

Use Paint.NET to Correct Color Cast
This photo image editing tutorial shows techniques for correcting a color cast using the free editor Paint.NET.

Paint.NET Text Reflection Tutorial - Use Paint.NET to Make a Text Reflection
This Paint.NET tutorial shows how to make a text reflection. This popular text effect can be suitable for adding interest to headings in printed leaflets or on web pages. Even if you're a complete beginner to using Paint.NET, you should still be able to follow this text reflection tutorial and use the results in all sorts of ways.

Paint.NET Clone Stamp Tutorial - Use Paint.NET to Remove Parts of a Photo
This tutorial will introduce you to using the Clone Stamp tool in Paint.NET to remove unwanted items from a photo.

Create a Glass Ball Effect in Paint.NET
This tutorial shows you how to use Paint.NET to create a shiny glass ball effect.

Straighten a Horizon with Paint.NET
This step by step tutorial will show you how use Paint.NET to straighten a horizon in a photo, or correct skewed perspective in any crooked picture.

How to Make a Text Shaped Image in Paint.NET
This text effect tutorial will show you how to produce text filled with an image using Paint.NET.

How to Create an Antiqued Picture in Paint.NET
This is a simple step by step for Paint.NET beginners to create an antiqued sepia tone image with a lens vignetting effect.

Enhance a Portrait with a Soft Focus "Glamour" Effect in Paint.NET
Learn how to enhance a portrait with a soft focus effect in Paint.NET. This technique is great for creating glamour portraits. It's also good for reducing JPEG artifacts. It mimics a soft focus or diffusion lens filter, softening the photo, reducing harsh lines and wrinkles, and intesifying the colors.

Whiten Teeth with Paint.NET
Learn how to whiten and brighten your smile in just a few steps using layers and blend modes in the free photo editor Paint.NET.

How to Smooth Out Jagged Lines in a Bitmap Image
There is a lot of old, royalty-free clip art that was originally digitized in a true 1-bit bitmap format which means 2 colors--black and white. This clip art tends to have jagged lines in a stair-step effect that does looks very nice on screen or in print. Fortunately, there's a little trick you can use to smooth out those jaggies fairly quickly in the majority of image editing software.

Paint.NET free photo editor screen shot and mini-review.

Overview of Paint.NET
Paint.NET is a free pixel-based image editor that offers an alternative to Adobe Photoshop for users on a budget.

Glass Orbs
This tutorial shows you how to make glassy orbs with Paint.NET.

Paint.NET Gradients
This tutorial shows a simple way to make gradients in Paint.NET.

How to Make an Etsy Store Banner in Paint.NET
This tutorial details the steps required to make an Etsy store banner in Paint.NET.

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