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Corel Painter Tips, Tutorials, and Techniques

Explore tutorials, tips, and techniques for working with Painter. Covers all versions: Fractal Design Painter, MetaCreations Painter, Corel Painter, and procreate Painter 7.
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Mother's Day Iris Painting
Use the clone source panel and a reference image to paint an iris flower in Corel Painter.

Painter 12 Enhanced Dynamic Brush Attributes
No longer will you need to depend on the the brush variants property bar to change brush dynamics. Now it is simply a keystroke away. Painter 12 now enables the user to set brush size, opacity, angle, and squeeze dynamically on-screen!

Brush Tracking and Brush Calibration in Painter 12
Painter 12 has introduced the new Brush Calibration setting. Unlike Painter 11 where the Brush Tracking was set globally, Painter 12 enables you to adjust Brush Tracking on an individual brush variant.

Navigator Panel in Corel Painter
The new Navigator panel in Painter is a convenient tool for managing many aspects of a document and to help you move around the document effortlessly. You can use the Navigator panel to better orient yourself in the document window and modify the document window display. This tutorial will help you familiarize yourself with the Navigator panel.

The New Painter X Match Palette Effect
The Match Palette effect lets you apply the color and brightness of a source image to a destination image. For example, you can match the colors in a photo to the colors in a favorite painting. You can then clone and paint your photo in the same style as your favorite painting. You can also use the Match Palette effect to ensure that the color...

Tinting a Pencil Sketch with Corel Painter
For this tutorial were going to work with a terrific technique using a pencil sketch to build in texture and color. The end effect is very painterly with a watercolor feel.

Creating a Custom Workspace Palette in Corel Painter X
Corel Painter is making it easier and easier for us to organize our workspace efficiently. One of the best ways is to create your own Custom Palette! Custom Palettes give you the freedom to work in your own style by selecting the tools you need for your project.

Andrew Jones Thumbnail Video Tutorial
"In this video, recorded live at the Insomania Workshop in San Francisco, Andrew uses an individual blend of ZBrush, Painter, and Photoshop to create some pretty amazing character thumbnails. Throughout the demo Andrew weaves together both practical tips as well as clues about his attitude and outlook to creating artwork." Price: $10.00

CD Label Tutorial
Design a custom CD label using Painter 6.

Corel Painter X Courseware
"All Corel Painter X academic courseware is downloadable, free of charge. Each publication includes lesson plans, class projects and project files."

Creating Sliced Images with Rollovers
Version 5.5 of Painter introduces the Image Slicer, a tool for making web images with rollovers. Here's how to use it.

Jason Chan Painter Sketch 1 Video Tutorial
"In this video Jason Chan walks the viewer through the creation of a sketch done entirely in Corel Painter. No thumbnails. No plans. He just gets in there and paints, revealing his thought process and revisions along the way." Price: $10.00

Painter 7 Findings - Tips and Facts
Solutions to common problems, differences between Painter 7 and earlier versions, and other random tips and hints.

Tubular Neon
"Tubular Neon lets you write or draw with 3D like tubular extrusions in real time. With nearly 900 tubes and brushes to choose from, thousands of color and mapping patterns are possible." $39.95 US

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