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Free Downloads for Corel Painter - Brushes, Papers, Nozzles, Etc.

Free downloads to enhance and expand Painter. Includes brushes, textures, papers, gradients, floaters, scripts, image hose nozzles, and more.

Brush Manager for Corel Painter
"I can't even begin to count the number of questions posted on various forums across the web asking how to install brushes into Painter. Now the answer is shorter than the question and ten times as fast! Drag and Drop."

Brushes for Corel Painter - Series 3 By David Nagel
"The (15) brushes in this collection are designed to create textured clones from photographic images resembling various paint styles, from thick and creamy strokes to spongy patches of uneven paint."

David Nagel's Papers for Corel Painter, Series 1
15 base papers, textured to behave like rough and ragged canvas and other surfaces.

Dragon Crafted - Free Brushes
Two sets of free brushes including DragonLightEffects and F/X.

Dragon Crafted - Free Nozzles
Two pages of nozzles for Painter 5.

FREE Corel Painter Brushes from Pixiq
A variety of free brushes for Painter 11 and 12.

Importing Brushes into Painter Essentials 3
How to use Painter IX brushes in Painter Essentials.

Nozzles - Creepy Crawlies & Popcorn
Creepy crawly Painter Nozzles including cockroach, black widow, mosquito, slugs, scorpion, and ticks and lice. Also one for popcorn.

Painter 6 & 7 Custom Brushes
Custom brushes for Painter 6 and 7, including Chris Comonetti's Fine Art 2 Collection.

Painter 7 Custom Water Color Brushes
PixelAlley's archive of Painter 7 custom Water Color Brushes, examples and downloads.

Painter Brushes, Series 1
25 wet and gooey brushes for Corel Painter 8.

Papers for Corel Painter, Series 1
"15 base papers, including rough canvas weaves, worn surfaces, crumpled papers and other miscellaneous surfaces" for Corel Painter 8.

Rapartz Free Stuff
10 free nozzles for Painter. More available for purchase on CD.

Suminagashi 2 Brushes for Corel Painter
From Jitterbrush: "Whilst my Corel Painter Suminagashi variants cannot replicate the fluid movement dynamics of the traditional ink media over the surface of the water (although there are several distortion variants included in the library), they can portray a ‘Suminagashi inspired style’, incorporating their own unique brush stroke properties and appearance."

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