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Painting a Holiday Christmas Tree with Corel Painter


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Getting Started
opening a new canvas
Text and images © Karen Bonaker, UI © Corel
In this tutorial you'll use Corel Painter to paint a festive Christmas tree for the holidays. This project makes a great Holiday greeting card. There are several steps to creating this tree. We will begin with the background image first. In this exercise you will be creating a mask. This is great fun and you will enjoy using them over and over on old photos or paintings that you create. You can create a complete folder of them, and by the way... you can get very creative with this technique.

Begin by opening a new canvas:

Select File > New, or use the keyboard short cut Cmd/Ctrl D. Your image size: 612 x 792 and 150ppi. You can always re size to 5 x 7 greeting card size when you are ready to print.

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