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Apply Paper Texture

Tinting a Pencil Sketch with Corel Painter


Apply Paper Texture
The next step is to choose your paper texture. With your filtered image open, choose Window > Library Palettes > Show Paper. Click on the small Papers selector icon and choose a paper that you feel will work well with the image. Try the Coarse Cotton Canvas.

Next apply the paper texture to the image. From the Windows menu choose Effects > Surface Control > Apply Surface texture. Be sure that the Using menu is set to Using: Paper. I don't like the Shine setting and I would encourage you to reduce it to 0%, which gives you a much more natural effect. Decide if you need to adjust the scale of the paper. If you are working on a larger image then set it for about 100% and you should be fine.

Click OK to apply the texture. This is a good time to remind you about the Fade command as well. If, after you apply the texture, you feel that the effect is just too harsh, then Fade it. Choose Edit > Fade and fade the effect accordingly.

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