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Set Brush Tracking

How to Create a Painting from a Photo with Corel Painter Essentials 3


Set Brush Tracking
In this tutorial we are going to discover how to create a beautiful spring painting from a photograph with Painter Essentials 3.

We begin this project by first setting our Brush Tracking. Brush Tracking is set from the Window Menu - Edit > Preferences > Set Brush Tracking. When you draw with traditional media, the amount of pressure you use with the tool determines how dense and how wide your strokes are. Using a pressure sensitive stylus with Corel Painter Essentials gives you the same kind of control. Everyone has a different strength or pressure level in their stroke.

By setting the Brush Tracking preferences you can easily adjust Corel Painter Essentials to match your stroke strength. I encourage you to set Brush Tracking before you begin any new project and when changing brush variants. Its important to note that Corel Painter Essentials saves Brush Tracking between sessions, so whatever tracking sensitivity you set would be default the next time you open the application.

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