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Blending To Create a Watercolor Effect

Painterly Portraits Corel Painter Tutorial


Have fun creating a watercolor effect painting using blending techniques with Corel Painter. This technique is wonderful for pets as well as traditional portraits. I have provided you with a reference image to use if you wish, or use one of your choice.


  • Painter 9.5 or higher
  • Intermediate skill level
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Painterly PortraitsDownload Resource Image Underpainting paletteCorrect and Create an Underpainting Clone the resource imageAdd a BorderPrepare for CloningPrepare for Cloning
Set Brush Tracking and Begin Blending Set Brush Tracking and Begin Blending Detail BlendingDetail BlendingMore Detail BlendingMore Detail BlendingExperiment with Color Blends Experiment with Color Blends
Another Watercolor ExampleAnother Watercolor Example
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