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'Andy' by Karen Bonaker

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'Andy' by Karen Bonaker

Corel Painter was used to create this image of the beautiful Ragdoll Cat.

'Andy' by Karen Bonaker
Member Name: Karen Bonaker
Web site: http://karenbonakerart.com
Type of graphics software user: Educator
Experience with graphics software: 10 years
Operating System: Windows

About the image: Corel Painter was used to create this image of the beautiful Ragdoll Cat.

I would consider the painting a mixed media image using Chalk, Watercolor and Acrylic. I began using a photo for reference and sketch the image in a pale gray using the Square Chalk variant.

I then used the Grainy Blender to soften edges and create shadows and values. I selected the Wash brush from the Digital Watercolor variants and began to build some background color and tone.

Captured Bristle was used to define and add detail. Grainy Blender again to soften and blend areas.

What graphics software do you use on a regular basis?
Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop

What was the first graphics program you learned?

What is your all-time favorite graphics program and why?
Corel Painter.

Because I am a natural media Artist as well, I have found that Painter has made the transition to the digital canvas a joy for me.

I am challenged daily to apply traditional techniques to the digital canvas and Painter has accomplished that for me.

Painter emulates the natural media process so well, the Artist now has new ways to express themselves and their art.

How do you use graphics software in your day-to-day activities?
I teach Introduction to Painter classes for an online school called LVS Online. I use Painter to write my classes.

I cannot imagine a day without using some form of Graphics Software. For photos, logos and even email.

What is your best graphics tip or piece of advice?
Strive to make your art your own, develop your own unique style. Share your knowledge to help others reach their goals.

In regards to Painter, I have never worked with a program that offered so much, a day never goes by where I have not learned something new. The graphics community is a wonderful and talented group that is so willing to help and support the beginner as well as the advanced Digital Artist.

Where do you get your inspiration?
My Students!
My Favorite Painter Artists: Don Seegmiller

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