1. Technology

Compression and Optimization Software

Software for compressing and optimizing GIFs, JPEGs, animations, and other images for the Web.

Ignite (Win)
Featured Download - GIF and JPEG optimizer with features for animation, image splitting, working with "hybrid" extended web-safe colors, Mac preview, and more. Freeware.

Image Optimizer (Win)
Featured Download - JPEG, GIF, and PNG image compressor with real-time preview, selective optimization, batch processing, and more.

A Smaller GIF (Win/Mac)
Compresses animated GIFs without changing their appearance.

Advanced GIF Optimizer (Win)
This GIF optimizer will reduce the file size of all GIF images in a given folder. Also includes batch conversion to GIF and an image viewer with slide show support.

Bandwidth Buster (Win)
Reduces images using JPEG compression. US$20

BluBox (Win)
BLUBOX creates a secure, password protected, archive of your images. It reduces file sizes by up to 95%. Your image files are completely viewable and printable without extracting them. When you do extract the files, they return to their native file format with the exact dimensions that they started with.

JPEG Disk Optimizer (Win/Unix)
Command driven bulk processing tool to optimize, resize, generate thumbnails, and more for all images on a disk or in a directory. Free version available.

JPEG Wizzard
This free service allows you to edit and compress JPEG images without the damage of uncompression and recompression.

NetMechanic GifBot
This free service can reduce image bloat in both GIF and JPEG files up to 90% and offers a choice between before and after results.

"PNGOUTWin makes most image files smaller. You can create smaller image files and speed up your website, reach more potential customers, and decrease your bandwidth costs with PNGOUTWin, an easy-to-use PNG image optimizer. You can convert and optimize to PNG from BMP, GIF, and other formats, or optimize your existing PNG files."

ReaCompressor (Win)
Advanced compression for JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIF with comparative previews and file size prediction.

Web Image Guru (Win)
Creates faster loading images through JPEG compression and color reduction. Runs as a Photoshop-compatible plug-in or standalone.

WebGraphics Optimizer (Win)
Shareware optimizer with realtime preview and comparision, batch optimization, zooming, screen capture, and more.

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