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How to Create Snowflake Graphics

Use Make-a-Flake to Create Snowflake Graphics for Winter Holiday Projects


JPEG from Make-a-Flake

A JPEG snowflake produced by and downloaded from Make-a-Flake.

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This is a useful tip for the winter festive season to create snowflake graphics quickly and easily. This takes advantage of the online Make-a-Flake snowflake generator.

Make-a-Flake is a pretty simple Flash based application that runs in your browser. If you've ever folded and cut paper snow flakes, you'll be quite familiar with the technique to produce a virtual snowflake. You move a pair of scissors with your mouse and click the mouse button to make straight cuts with the aim of removing sections of the flake. You can, at any time, preview your snowflake and continue cutting if necessary.

When you're happy with the result, you can save the snowflake to the gallery and download a copy for yourself as a JPEG or a vector EPS.  To download the JPEG file, after the JPEG opens in your browser, you can just right click on it and select 'Save As' or similar.

This makes for a very easy way to create snowflake graphics and, if necessary, you could very quickly create a range of different designs that you could use year after year in a variety of winter and festive themed projects.

The Fly in the Ointment

You should note, however, that you may have to take a few other steps once you've downloaded your files to make them useable. The JPEGs are produced in blue on a white background, which isn't ideal. However you can easily convert them in GIMP to white with no background for use in raster projects.

Also, I personally had trouble downloading a vector EPS, though this wouldn't be any use for Inkscape users anyway.  You can, however, trace the JPEG that you download and convert this into a vector graphic.

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