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What is Pixlr Express?

Introduction to the Free Online Image Editor Pixlr Express


Pixlr Express screen grab

Pixlr Express offers an intuitive interface and powerful tools that makes it ideal for less advanced users.

With web applications becoming more common, the free online image editor Pixlr Express may be an ideal image adjustment tool for many users. There seems to be a growing range of free online image editors and Pixlr also offer a more advanced web application called Pixlr Editor. Pixlr Express, however, is aimed very much at users seeking quick and easy fixes for their digital photos.

Pixlr Express has a clear and intuitive interface that encourages users to experiment with this free online image editor, rather than overloading users with information about how to use it.

Highlights of Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express is a good and relatively simple tool with several attractive features.

  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Open pictures from your computer or the web
  • Tools to resize and adjust digital photos
  • Range of effects to produce more creative results from your digital photos
  • Can be used from any computer with an internet connection

Why Use Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express really is a tool for more basic users looking for quick and easy results. It does seem to encourage experimentation and when effects are tried out, users have the option to apply them or cancel and try something else.

It would be ideal for anyone who has a compact camera to improve their digital photos in an intuitive way. Quite natural adjustments can be made to improve a digital photo that may have a poor exposure, but there are plenty of options on offer to allow users to produce much more creative results.

As this is a free online image editor, users don't need to install Pixlr Express on a computer, so it is easy to access and use the application from any computer with an internet connection.

Some Limitations of Pixlr Express

Like any other web application, users are reliant on having an internet connection in order to work on their digital photos. If relatively large files are to be worked on, slow connections may make the process impossible.

Pixlr Express is aimed quite squarely at more basic users and so the options available are relatively limited, though Pixlr Editor is also a free online image editor and that offers a significantly more powerful range of features.

Another limitation, and perhaps surprisingly for an online application, is the fact that when a user has finished working on a photo, the photo has to be downloaded to be saved. This does somewhat undermine the flexibility of being able to use the service from any computer with an internet connection. Considering some competitor applications allow photos to be directly uploaded to several popular photo sharing and social networking websites, this is quite inconvenient.

Help and Support

Once you're working within Pixlr Express, the user interface doesn't offer any help options at all. In reality this shouldn't be a problem as the interface is very clear and straightforward. Clicking on items and experimenting with them is arguably the best way to get to know the web application. Adjustments can easily be undone by clicking the Undo arrow that appears in the interface below the image thumbnail. If things go very wrong, you can just close the image and upload it again so that you start from scratch.

Back on the Pixlr home page there is a link to Support. Unfortunately at the time of writing, there doesn't appear to be any help material available for Pixlr Express, though it does look like it will be added.

If, like me, you're happy to play with this free online image editor without any help files, you can access Pixlr Express here.

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