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Microsoft Paint Tips and Help

Information, tips, and support documents for Microsoft Paint, the free pixel editor that comes with Microsoft Windows.

MS Paint in Win 7: Surprise! A Decent Little Paint Program
Desktop Publishing Guide Jacci takes a look at the improvements in Microsoft Paint in Windows 7.

Draw a Heart With Windows 7 Paint
"Sure, you could use the Heart shape tool that comes with Windows 7 Paint to draw a nice, perfect heart. But where's the fun and challenge in that? Create something with a little more personality by drawing your own funky, not-so-perfect heart."

Draw a Christmas Tree With a Paint Program
Learn how to draw a simple Christmas tree with the Microsoft Paint program included with Windows 7.

Coloring in MSPaint
"This tutorial shows you how to change the color of something, keeping the shading in-tact."

Microsoft Paint Basics
From Lakewood Public Library: "In this class you'll learn the basics of how to use Microsoft Paint to open, edit, and save an image file (such as a scanned image that you create with the scanner, or a image that you draw or 'paint' digitally from scratch)."

How To Use Microsoft Paint
Description of all the buttons and other main features of Microsoft Paint.

Invalid Page Fault Opening File
This Microsoft support document tells you how to correct this error which may occur after installing Office 97 on your computer.

Not Enough Memory or Resources
How to correct this error when starting Microsoft Paint or viewing a bitmap in Microsoft Paint.

Skewing Filled Rectangle Causes Confusing Image
This document from Microsoft explains the procedure for correcting this problem.

Using Help Causes Text or Image to Disappear
Microsoft offers two methods to work around this known problem.

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