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Microsoft Graphics Software User Resources

Tutorials, tips, templates, downloads, support, and other resources for all of Microsoft's graphics software products -- Windows Live Photo Gallery, Expression, Image Composer, PhotoDraw, Paint, Picture It!, and Digital Image Pro. Digital Image Pro and Digital Image Suite users, look under Picture It! for information -- this is the same product under a new name.
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Windows Live Photo Gallery Screen Shot & Mini Review
Windows Live Photo Gallery is similar to the Windows Photo Gallery included with Windows Vista, but includes some improvements over the bundled version and is also available as a free download to Windows XP users.

Using Windows Photo Gallery in Windows Vista
Windows Photo Gallery, a new tool in Windows Vista, helps you view, organize, and edit photos and videos no matter where the actual file is located on your computer.

Capture a Screen Shot with the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista
Before Windows Vista, if you wanted a screen shot you had to use the less than intuitive method of pressing the print screen key and pasting the screen shot into a graphics program to add markup and save it. With Windows Vista, Microsoft has included a utility called the Snipping Tool to make capturing screen shots easier.

Microsoft Acrylic Community Technology Preview
Acrylic is the codename for Microsoft's professional creative design tool, based on the Creature House Expression software acquired in 2003.

Microsoft Takes on Adobe… Huh?
June 15, 2005 - Last week when CNET broke the news about Microsoft's latest beta graphics software (codenamed Acrylic), they spun it as a big event that Microsoft was planning to take on Adobe… I spent some time looking over the Acrylic Web site and reading comments from the Microsoft reps in the Acrylic feedback forum, and I didn't get this impression at all!

Summary: Microsoft Digital Image Suite 9 (Win)
Microsoft's Digital Image Suite 9 and Digital Image Pro 9 are best suited to users who want simplified tools for image enhancement as well as a nice variety of professional-looking designs which can be personalized and produced without a lot of fuss.

Photo Story 3 - Free for Windows XP Users
Microsoft Photo Story 3 is a free download for registered users of Windows XP. Photo Story 3 allows you to create musical slide shows from your digital photo stills.

Windows Photo Story . com
Offers tutorials and a discussion forum for Microsoft's Windows Photo Story 3.

MS Photo Editor, Wherefore Art Thou?
If you upgraded to Microsoft Office 2003 and were surprised to find MS Photo Editor replaced by the Microsoft Office Picture Manager, Herb Tyson tells you how you can get it back.

Microsoft Support Knowledge Base
The first step togetting help on Microsoft products is to search the support knowledgebase.

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