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Adobe LiveMotion and ImageStyler Resources

Adobe has discontinued LiveMotion, but you can still find some online tips, tutorials, free downloads, and other resources for Adobe LiveMotion archived here. LiveMotion replaced Adobe ImageSyler and the few remaining online resources for that program are also archived here.

Adobe Discontinues LiveMotion
Effective November 15, 2003, Adobe will no longer distribute LiveMotion 2.0, according to an announcement on the LiveMotion home page. LiveMotion users can still get person-to-person support through March 2004 and the LiveMotion user-to-user discussion forums will remain open indefinitely. The LiveMotion resources on this site will remain online until all the links disappear from the Web.

Animate With Style In LiveMotion
From creativepro.com: Learn the tricks to effortless animation with Adobe LiveMotion, step by step.

Animating Masks in Flash and LiveMotion
"Masks can be used to produce special effects such as a spotlight or a transition. A mask layer is applied to create a hole through which one or more underlying layers are revealed."

Complex Animation
Create an animation involving multiple objects with time independent motion and multiple states. Requires LiveMotion, Photoshop and Strata 3D.

iStyle Depot
Several free styles for ImageStyler.

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