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Free Red Skin Fix Adjustment Brush Preset for Lightroom


Red Skin Fix Adjustment Brush Preset
Red Skin Adjustment Brush Settings

Red Skin Adjustment Brush Settings

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Download Red Skin Fix Adjustment Brush Preset

The family I married into is very fair-skinned and a lot of them have the type of skin that just turns red and never tans. As a result, I'm often having to adjust skin tones in many of the family pictures I take. Thankfully Lightroom's adjustment brush makes this quick work, and even quicker by saving my red skin fix settings as a custom brush.

I've provided my Red Skin Fix as a free download which you can install into Lightroom for your own use. This brush preset will help you improve the color of skin that is red from sunburn or overheating.

If you prefer,you can use the setting shown here as a starting point for your own red skin fix preset. Note that these settings are just a starting point and you may need to tweak the adjustment according to the skin tone and degree of redness in your specific image. If you decide to copy the adjustments to make your own preset instead of downloading the file, don't miss the slight green color tint, as it is the most important part of this adjustment brush.


Unzip the file, then place the 'Red Skin Fix.lrtemplate' in the appropriate folder based on these instructions: How to Install Adjustment Brush Presets in Lightroom
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