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Lightroom Tutorials and User Resources

Adobe Lightroom is digital darkroom software for organizing and processing digital photos and camera Raw files. Find tutorials and other resources for Adobe Lightroom including develop presets, publish services, templates, tips, and more.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Review
Through a series of modules, Lightroom helps photographers manage, develop, and present their photos. Learn about the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom in this review.

Kubota "Vintage Delish" Lightroom Presets
Kubota Lightroom Presets Vintage Delish is a collection of professionally designed Photoshop Lightroom Develop Presets to give your photos a nostalgic flair. The collection includes 42 one-click presets to give your photos a retro look and feel and make your work stand out.

Lightroom Workflow - How I Process Photos in Adobe Lightroom
A step-by-step description of the photo-processing workflow in Lightroom, from the perspective of a non-professional Lightroom user.

How do I apply captions, titles, keywords, etc. to multiple photos in Lightroom?
You may have attempted to apply captions, keywords, titles, or other metadata to many photos at once using Lightroom, only to find that it didn't work. This can be a very frustrating problem, indeed, but the good news is it can be done without typing all the information over and over again.

How Do I Save My Edited Photos in Lightroom?
If you are new to Lightroom, you may be looking for the Save command such as you are used to from other photo editing software. But Lightroom does not have a Save commend. Find out how to save the edits you make in Lightroom.

Should You Switch From Photoshop to Adobe Lightroom?
If you're a photographer, you may be wondering if you really need Photoshop, or if its feasible to switch entirely to Lightroom for your digital photography workflow. This article looks at the pros and cons of making the switch.

Free Red Skin Fix Adjustment Brush Preset for Lightroom
Download a free adjustment brush preset for fixing red skin or sunburned skin in Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom User Reviews
Lightroom is Adobe's digital darkroom software for professional and serious amateur photographers. Read user reviews of this digital darkroom software, or share your own experience with Adobe Lightroom by writing a review.See submissions

About Photography Guide Review of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3
See what About Photography Guide Liz Masoner has to say about Lightroom 3: "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 took everything you weren't fond of in Lightroom 2 and fixed it. Lightroom 3 is an extremely powerful program that runs faster and puts even more control into the hands of the photographer."

About Macs Guide Review of Photoshop Lightroom 3
See what About Macs Guide Tome Nelson has to say about Lightroom 3: "On the surface, Adobe Lightroom 3 appears to be an evolutionary update to Lightroom 2, but digging deeper, Lightroom 3 is a dramatic improvement. Built around a whole new engine, Lightroom 3 is faster, from start to finish."

Painterly Puppy with Lightroom
A painterly photo art image created entirely in Lightroom. Learn how it was done.

Adobe Lightroom 3 Announcement
Wednesday June 9, 2010 - Lightroom 3 brings improvements in the main areas of image quality and application performance, and also addresses the beta feedback concerns regarding the import process, video support, and noise reduction.

What's New in Photoshop Lightroom 5?
Each new version of Lightroom has seen the addition of new features and improved tools and Lightroom 5 is no different. In the this article Ian highlights the new headline features that may give existing Lightroom users cause to upgrade.

How to Install Adjustment Brush Presets in Lightroom
How to install Adjustment Brush Presets in Lightroom.

AdobeTV Learn Lightroom 3
Learn the basics of Lightroom 3 with Getting Started tutorials by product experts.

Elemental Plugin for Lightroom from The Photo Geek
"The Elemental plugin integrates Photoshop Elements (PSE) with Lightroom, enabling external editing of images using a workflow similar to Lightroom’s native integration with Photoshop. It allows images to be PhotoMerged, Opened as Layers or Smart Objects, and more in the Photoshop Elements Editor directly from Lightroom."

How to Create Lightroom Presets
From Digital Photography School: "One of the cool things about Lightroom is its ability to store develop settings as Presets so you can use them again later to edit other images. In addition to creating and saving your own presets, you can also download presets from the web and use them in Lightroom."

Jeffrey’s Lightroom Goodies (Plugins and Tools)
A lot of very useful plugins and tools for Lightroom including several publish service plugins which are more functional that those included with Lightroom.

Keyboard Tamer for Adobe Lightroom
Keyboard Tamer is a plugin for Lightroom 3 that allows you to redefine most of Lightroom's keyboard shortcuts, and to create new shortcuts for functions that don't yet have them.

Lightroom Extra MAPI Mailer
From Lightroom Extra: "This program addresses the problem of not being able to create an email, with selected photos attached directly out of Lightroom in Windows." Go to Download, then click "Show Me" next to "Other Goodies" to find the MAPI Mailer zip file. Read the text file for instructions on how to use it.

Lightroom iPad Export Settings Preset
Download two presets to export from Lightroom to the iPad. One preserves the photo’s original aspect ratio (iPad will automatically add a black box around edges) and one that fits the photo to the full iPad screen (by automatically doing a center-based crop in Lightroom when it exports).

Adobe Lightroom Beta for Windows
Wednesday July 19, 2006 - Adobe Lightroom is now available as a public beta version for the Windows platform.

Adobe Unveils Lightroom Public Beta
Monday January 9, 2006 - Adobe Systems Incorporated today introduced the public beta of Adobe Lightroom, an all-new digital imaging solution for professional photographers.

Making sense of Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation in Lightroom
From Digital Photography School: "In Lightroom 2 the collection of Basic fixes available for your image includes three Presence sliders that sit together in the Develop module: Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation... I’ll explain the differences between these three adjustments and how they affect your photos."

ProShow Plug-in for Lightroom
The ProShow Plug-in allows you to quickly and easily set-up slideshows in Lightroom and export directly to ProShow Gold or Producer. Inside Lightroom, you can create a customized slideshow from a group of images complete with motion effects, transitions, photo captions and more. Once created, slideshows can be further enhanced and output in ProShow.

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