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Jasc : Paint Shop Pro, Animation Shop, Photo Album, Virtual Painter

This is your starting point for Jasc graphics software resources including tutorials, tips, product support, reviews, and other useful information for users of Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Jasc Animation Shop, Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album, Jasc Virtual Painter, and more.
  1. Jasc Paint Shop Pro

Corel Acquires Jasc Software
On October 14, 2004, Corel Corporation acquired Jasc Software, Inc., and with it, the Paint Shop family of digital photo and image editing software.

Review: Jasc Paint Shop Pro (Win)
Product summary for Paint Shop Pro, the professional but affordable image editor that is easy to learn and use. Pros and cons, feature highlights, and reviewer rating and comments.

Review: Jasc Virtual Painter 3 (Win)
An overview and summary of Virtual Painter 3, a collection of 12 plug-in effects for turning photos into paintings and stylized art work.

Review: Jasc After Shot (Win)
Tanya Metaksa reviews Jasc After Shot, digital camera software for acquiring, managing, enhancing, and sharing your digital photos. Now replaced by Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album.

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