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What's the Best iPad Stylus for Touch Screen Tablets?


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Nomad FLeX Paintbrush Stylus
Nomad FLeX Paintbrush Stylus

The Nomad FLeX Paintbrush Stylus in cobalt blue, charcoal, pink, silver, and red.

© Nomad Brush

Nomad FLeX Paintbrush Stylus

Nomad FLeX is the latest touchscreen paintbrush to come from the creators of Nomad Brush. The FLeX is a more refined design--improving on the original Nomad Brush--and it features an aluminum handle, interchangeable tips, and a hard shell storage case.

The long-tip version I was given to test has a much nicer brush tip compared to the original Nomad Brush. This new tip is more tapered and does not flare out as much as the original tip did. This allows the user to be more precise when painting and drawing with the Nomad FLeX.

Like the Nomad Compose, the FLeX handle is made from precision milled aluminum, and it comes in five attractive anodized colors - charcoal, silver, cobalt blue, red and pink. The entire length of the Nomad FLeX, including the brush tip, is just under 7 inches. Both ends of the handle are threaded for interchangeable tips, and the tips are compatible with those of the Nomad Compose Dual Tip brush stylus. The FLeX brush handle flares out slightly just above the brush tip for a comfortable grip that won't slide out of your hand.

Now there is finally a way to store your Nomad Brush stylus safely, as the FLeX brush comes with a clamshell-design hard storage case in clear frosted plastic. The case is a nice touch and can hold any two Nomad brushes, including the original, mini and Compose models. Or you can store one brush and up to three additional brush tips. The Nomad Brush case can be purchased separately, and it's also included with Nomad Compose.

The new design of the FLeX brush is more elegant and sleek compared to the organic styling of the original mil series, and I find it to be an improvement--especially the new more slender, tapered brush tip. My first impression of the storage case was that it looked somewhat cheap and didn't match the sleek design of the FLeX, but it grew on me. I just wish it were easier (and more intuitive) to open.

Just like the Original Nomad Brush, this stylus is a joy to use, and the designers managed to make a near-perfect brush stylus even better. The FLeX Paintbrush stylus retails for US$29.99, and is available nationwide in Best Buy stores, or online from nomadbrush.com.

Nomad FLeX Pros:

  • New design is more refined and looks more elegant
  • Tapered tip is more precise and highly sensitive
  • Perfect length for tablets
  • Lightweight
Nomad FLeX Cons:
  • Case can be hard to open
  • Protruding hinges on the storage case detract from the overall design
Overall Rating: 10/10

nomadbrush.com [Check Prices on Nomad FLeX]

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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