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Heart ConfettiArt iOS App Review

Heart ConfettiArt Valentine's Day Art App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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Heart ConfettiArt Valentine's Day Art App

Heart ConfettiArt is a fun and easy-to-use Valentine's Day Art App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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What is Heart ConfettiArt?

Heart ConfettiArt is an app which lets you paint and decorate your photos with hearts and other Valentine's Day love symbols such as roses, arrows, kiss lips, cupids, and more. Heart ConfettiArt is fun and easy way to create Valentine's Day greetings, wallpaper, and backgrounds, or love-themed designs for other occasions.

Cost and Compatibility: $0.99 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 3.0 or later.


  • Fun
  • Easy-to-use
  • Inexpensive


Heart ConfettiArt Confetti

Heart ConfettiArt confetti choices include a variety of heart shapes, plus long-stemmed roses, cupids, lips, hugs and kisses, arrows, and other love symbols.

UI © FreshAir Software, Inc., Screen Shot © Sue Chastain
  • Not many uses outside of Valentine's Day
  • Could benefit from a text tool
  • Only one level of undo and redo

Heart ConfettiArt Review

Heart ConfettiArt lets you choose from 28 different Valentine's Day and love symbols, which you can "paint" or "toss" on a plain background or over a photo. The confetti symbols include solid and outline versions of hearts, long-stemmed roses, hearts with arrows, cupids, lips, X and O's and "I-heart-U" symbols. The confetti symbols are vector art so they will be crisp at any resolution. Each confetti shape can be turned on or off in any combination. The shapes can be painted randomly or deliberately, by dragging your fingers and using gestures.

Heart ConfettiArt allows you to set the background color of your canvas, import a photo from your device, or take a picture right from the app. When using a photo, you can have the confetti cropped to the image borders, placed on top of the photo, or placed behind the photo.

Brush options are available to adjust the confetti's size, color, density, rotation, and alignment. In addition, you can adjust the properties for each individual confetti shape to modify the color and transparency. If you get too carried away, there is a reset button to bring back the default settings.

Heart ConfettiArt Design

Heart ConfettiArt is fun and easy-to-use app for creating Valentine's Day greetings, wallpaper, backgrounds, and love-themed designs for other occasions.

© Sue Chastain

Only one level of undo and redo is available when painting, but this isn't a major detraction considering the nature of this app. When you are ready to save your creations from Heart ConfettiArt, you have the option to save it to your device, email it, or post it to Facebook. The settings allow you to choose either high (1536 x 2048 pixels), medium (768 x 1024 pixels), or low (320 x 480 pixels) resolution for each of the export options.

Heart ConfettiArt is very easy to understand without reading any instructions, but a detailed help page is provided within the app.

Heart ConfettiArt Home Page
Heart ConfettiArt in the iTunes App Store

If you want more variety, the ConfettiArt app from the same company offers all the Valentine's Shapes included in Heart ConfettiArt, plus many more and costs only $2 more. ConfettiArt has 92 shapes for a variety of occasions, the same options as HeartArt, plus Quick Sets of preset settings.

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