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Glaze Photo Art App for iOS

Turn Your Photos into Painted Art with Glaze for iOS

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Glaze is a fun iOS app to stylize your photos with a wide variety of painterly effects. It is a universal app that runs on iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and iPod touch.

Glaze Summary

Glaze is very easy to use. After you open a photo in Glaze, simply click on one of the style thumbnails along the bottom of the screen to choose a paint style, and watch as it transforms the photo you have selected. The glazing process takes anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or so depending on the effect chosen and the size the photo you are working with.
Glaze Photo Art Raft in Pool

Photo Art Created with Glaze App (Click for larger view)

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At first glance it appears this is all there is to know about working with Glaze, but if you click the Workshop button you will discover some additional goodies. For instance, you can generate a random effect by dragging from the right edge of the screen, and you can browse through the history of effects you have applied by tapping on the left or right edges of the screen. You can also use the Glaze Workshop to create new styles from a combination of preset styles.

Glaze Features

  • Glaze comes with 36 preset styles, and you can purchase additional styles from within the app.
  • Glaze can save full resolution images up to 21 megapixels.
  • Glaze can export your photo art to the iOS photo gallery, Facebook, Twitter, Email, and to other apps.
  • Glaze can send a postcard anywhere in the world with the built-in print and ship feature.
  • Glaze is currently a free app, but has been priced at $1.99 and $2.99 in the past.

Glaze Conclusion

Glaze Photo Art Mallard Duck

Photo Art Created with Glaze App (Click for larger view)

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Glaze is a fun and easy to use app that can turn uninteresting images into something unique and special. One improvement I would like to see is the addition of few basic pre-processing tools for cropping and adjusting color and tone. However, Glaze does an exceptional job at what it was designed for; the brush stroke engine creates very believable effects which, for the most part, don't have that tell-tale computer-generated look.

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