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iOS Graphics Apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

The touch screen platform of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch allows you to draw, doodle, sketch, and work with photos right in the palm of your hand. Check out some of the graphics, art, and photo editing apps you can get for the iOS devices including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch--many of these are free or very inexpensive.

Filterstorm Neue Review and Rating
Filterstorm Neue is an iOS photo editor which offers impressive results compared to many mobile photo editors.

Pressure Sensitive Stylus Roundup
A pressure-sensitive electronic stylus can provide a more realistic experience for creating art on an iPad. This article provides reviews of the most popular smart stylus pens.

Jackson Pollock App for iOS
Explore Jackson Pollock, an iOS splatter painting app that celebrates the iconic painter Jackson Pollock.

How to Add Contact Info to Your iOS Lock Screen Wallpaper
The passcode lock on your iPhone and iPad is a good idea if your device is stolen, but if you lose it, you'll want to provide an easy way for someone who finds it to contact you. Learn how you can add your contact info to your lock screen wallpaper.

Choosing an Electronic Stylus for iPad
An electronic stylus can provide a more realistic pen experience with pressure sensitivity, palm rejection and other features that a capacitive stylus can't provide. This article will help you with choosing an electronic stylus.

How to Quickly Select Multiple Photos in iOS 7
With the new "Moments" grouping in iOS 7, you can select multiple photos more easily in the Photos app. Now you can finally clean out the camera roll on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

Alien Skin Alt Photo App for iOS
Alt Photo is a free photo effects app for iPhone and iOS by Alien Skin, the infamous Photoshop plugin company.

XnView Photo Fx App for iOS
XnView Photo Fx is a free iOS app for editing and enhacing your photos with special effects and filters.

Glaze Photo Art App for iOS
Glaze is an iOS app that transforms your photos into painted artwork with brush strokes and textures in a variety of styles.

Top Touch Screen Stylus Pens and Brushes
Learn about the best stylus pens and brushes for drawing and painting on the iPad and other touch screen tablets.

Snapseed Mobile Photo Editor Review
Snapseed by Nik Software is an impressive photo editing app for iOS (and now Android), which quickly topped the iTunes App Store sales charts after its release. Snapseed provides a number of useful image adjustments and high-quality photography effects.

Why do Photo Apps on iOS Require Location Services?
Learn why many iOS photo editing apps require location services. If you downloaded a new photo app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and get the message "Appname would like to use your current location," this article will explain why.

Adobe Revel Helps You Sync Photos to All Your Devices
Adobe Carousel helps you all your photos, and edit them in a similar way across a variety of computers and mobile devices.

FX Photo Studio HD Review
FX Photo Studio HD is an iPad app for applying hundreds of special effects and useful adjustments to your photos. FX Photo Studio HD provides 187 effects and adjustments as well as common photo editing tools such as crop, rotate, and flip.

Can the iPad be a Tool for Serious Photographers?
More serious photographers, and those who shoot raw camera files, may be wondering if the iPad can fit into a raw photography workflow. This article discusses some of the ways photographers can utilize an iPad, as well as the limitations of the iPad for photographers.

Instagram Review
Instagram is a photo filter and sharing application for iPhones and Android based smartphones. It includes 17 filters in the download although there are vague promises of future expansions on the Instagram website.

How to Quickly Select Many Photos in iOS
If you've ever wanted to select multiple photos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you may have been frustrated by having to tap on each and every photo that you wanted to select. Here's a little tip for to save time when you want to select multiple photos in iOS.

PiRAWnha Raw Image Processor App for iPad
PiRAWnha is a raw image processing app for the iPad. It can open raw camera files and apply various adjustments and then save the processed photos to a number of common image file formats.

PhotoRaw Raw Image Processing App for iOS
PhotoRaw is a simple yet effective raw image viewer and converter for iOS. PhotoRAW is a universal iOS app which allows you to view and develop raw camera files by adjusting exposure, brightness and contrast.

ArtRage for iPad Review
ArtRage for iPad offers a number of painting and drawing tools with adjustable settings, and flexible canvas options for creating art work. The user interface is well-designed and does not get in the way of creativity.

Artify iOS App Review
Artify from Kodama Studios is a simple and easy-to-use iPad app for applying impressionist painting effects to your photos. Learn more about Artify in this hands-on app review.

Cinq Photo - Free Photo Sync App for iOS
Cinq Photo is a free app that lets you access photos stored on your computer(s) from your iOS devices, and also automatically transfers photos from your device(s) to your computer. Cinq Photo is a universal iOS app, so it works with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It requires a small server program (which is also free) running on your Mac or...

What's the Best iPad Stylus for Touch Screen Tablets?
If you enjoy using art apps on an iPad, you may have considered getting a stylus to make your sketching, drawing, and painting more precise and comfortable. Here's a collection of reviews for touch screen stylus pens and brushes that work with the iPad and other touch screens, plus advice on what to consider when choosing a stylus.

Adobe Nav Photoshop Navigator for iPad
Adobe Nav is an iPad app which directly communicates with Photoshop over a WiFi connection. With Adobe Nav, you can use the touch screen of your iPad to select tools and documents in Photoshop while it is running on your computer.

Adobe Eazel Painting App for iPad
Adobe Eazel is an iPad painting app that allows you to connect directly to Photoshop over WiFi and send your paintings to Photoshop at four times the resolution. It offers a watercolor-like painting experience with a unique user interface which is navigated by gesturing with all five fingers.

Adobe Photoshop Express App Review
Photoshop Express is Adobe's free app for editing photos on your iPad, iPhone, or iPad touch. PS Express offers a small set of fun and useful photo editing tools with an easy-to-understand user interface. It also works with built-in cameras on the iPhone and iPod touch, and the Photoshop.com online photo service.

Adobe Color Lava iPad App Review
Adobe Color Lava is an iPad app for interactively mixing colors and creating color schemes. Color Lava can directly connect to Photoshop via WiFi to change the foreground color, and can transmit color schemes directly to the Photoshop swatches palette.

Adobe Ideas Drawing App for iOS
Adobe Ideas is a vector-based digital sketchbook app for iOS offering a simple user interface designed for quickly sketching out ideas and concepts.

Procreate for iPad Art App Review
Procreate is an impressive digital art app specifically designed for sketching, drawing, and painting on the iPad.

Autodesk SketchBook Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch
SketchBook Mobile is one of the more advanced drawing and painting apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. It is based on SketchBook Pro, a full-fledged desktop application. Sketchbook mobile has more brush variations and higher zoom level than similar apps, and is priced lower than its competitors.

Reviews of Capacitive Stylus for iPad and Other Touch Screens
Today, there are many stylus designs available for touch screen devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and the Android tablets coming on the market. With so many choices, reading reviews will help you find the best stylus for your needs and budget. If you're searching for the best touch screen stylus, you can find reviews here, and if you have used...See submissions

ArtStudio Advanced Painting and Drawing App Review
ArtStudio is an intuitive, yet advanced, art app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It offers a large number of brushes and tools, plentiful options, layers support, filters and effects, and a well-designed user interface.

Heart ConfettiArt Valentine's Day Art App Review
Heart ConfettiArt is an app which lets you paint and decorate your photos with hearts and other Valentine's Day love symbols such as roses, arrows, kiss lips, cupids, and more. Heart ConfettiArt is fun and easy way to create Valentine's Day greetings, wallpaper, and backgrounds, or love-themed designs for other occasions.

Discover Your Inner Jackson Pollock with iPhone App
"Jackson Pollock" for iPhone and iPod touch is a simple, yet delightful app for creating art work in the style of the American Abstract Impressionist Jackson Pollock. The app does not have a lot of options--there are no tools (except for your fingers), no layers, no eraser, no undo--but its simplicity is part of its appeal.

Brushes Painting App for iPhone and iPod Touch
Brushes is a painting app for the iPhone and iPod touch which features a number of brush styles, and the ability to export higher resolution images using the Brushes Viewer desktop application for Mac OS X.

Free Sketch & Draw App: Adobe Ideas
The Adobe Ideas app is not loaded with features, but I think it's really well-designed and provides a nice way to capture and jot ideas--like the proverbial cocktail napkin.

Colors! Painting App for iPhone and iPod Touch
Colors! is a painting app which was originally created for the Nintendo DS and later released for the iPhone and iPod touch. In features, it lags behind most other similarly priced apps in this category, but it does have a nifty art viewer that lets you play back other users' creations and upload your own artwork for others to view and vote on.

Layers Painting App for iPhone and iPod Touch
Layers is a painting app for iPhone and iPod touch with extensive layering features. Layers is well-designed and intuitive, and includes tips and tricks to help you learn the features quickly

Inspire Painting App for iPhone and iPod touch
Inspire from KiwiPixel is a painting app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Inspire simulates wet oil paint which can be applied with four different brush types - or use a dry brush for a blending effect.

Capture a Screen Shot on iPhone or iPod Touch
Did you know you can capture a screen shot from your iPhone or iPod Touch without having to install any third-party apps? This allows you create a picture of anything displayed on the screen, no matter which app you have open.

Photoshop.com Mobile App for iPhone and iPod Touch
The Photoshop.com Mobile app allows you to edit and share photos directly from your iPod touch or iPhone.

iPad for Photography Tips
If you use an iPad as a tool in your photography work, please tell us how you use it, what effect it has had on your workflow, and what your favorite iPad apps for photography are. Read responses from other photographers who have incorporated an iPad into their photography work.

How to Save Images from Mobile Safari on iPod touch or iPhone
Have you ever wanted to save an image while browsing the web with mobile Safari on your iPod Touch or iPhone? It's easy to do!

Free Photo Apps for iPad
From Photography Guide Liz Masoner: "Whether you use your iPad to take pictures or just want to play with a few imported shots, this list will tell you what you need to know about the free photo apps for iPad before you download them."

iPad Apps for Digital Artists
Reviews of iPad apps for painting, drawing, sketching and creating all kinds of digital art on the Apple iPad handheld device.See submissions

iPhone Apps for Digital Artists
Reviews of iPad apps for painting, drawing, sketching and creating all kinds of digital art on the Apple iPad handheld device.

Reviews of iPhone Apps for Photo Editing
Reviews of iPhone Apps for Photo Editing See submissions

Discuss: iPhone for Graphics?
So how many of you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch that you use for drawing graphics and/or photo editing? Can it really be taken seriously as a graphics tool? What are your favorite iPhone apps for graphics and photography? Join the conversation.

Draw with Friends on Your iPhone or iPod Touch with Swakker Doodle
Swakker Doodle has a great user interface, adjustable pen size, and a wide selection of colors and backgrounds to draw with, plus a unique feature of being able to draw with friends.

Explore Fractals on Your iPhone or iPod Touch
The Fractals app is a neat way to explore both Madelbrot and Julia fractals in your spare time, and you can save any of the fractals as images on your device.

MotionInk Natural Media Painting for iPhone and iPod Touch
Instead of painting by dragging your finger on the screen, you use your finger to control the flow if ink, and move the quill by tilting your device.

Pogo Stylus for iPhone and iPod Touch
"Is it worth getting a Pogo Stylus for drawing and painting on the iPhone or iPod touch? I posed this question on Twitter some time ago, and got no replies. So I decided to order one and find out for myself."

About iPad Site
Daniel Nations brings you news, articles and commentary on the Apple iPad.

About iPhone / iPod Site
Sam Costello brings you tips and advice for getting the most out of your iPhone or iPod.

How to Make Proper iPad Wallpapers
Good information on how to create wallpapers that work on the iPad screen in both portrait and landscape orientations.

iPad Wallpaper Template for Photoshop
"Featured here is an iPad wallpaper template in Photoshop (PSD) format, allowing you to easily create & test your new background creations with minimal layer nightmares."

Make Your Own iPad / iPhone Brush Stylus
"For many, it is easier to draw small characters or pictures with a stylus. In this DIY article, we explain how to make your own iPad / iPhone brush stylus using over the counter embroidery thread."

Photo Manager Pro iOS App Review
Photo Manager Pro from Linkus is a universal iOS app for organizing and storing photos on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Learn about the Pros and cons of this app and see if it might be something you can use.

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