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How to Doodle on a Photo in Inkscape


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How to Doodle on a Photo in Inkscape
How to Doodle on a Photo in Inkscape
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This is a fun and amusing idea for doodling on your photos of friends and family using Inkscape. This could be fun for use online, perhaps for a joke on your Facebook page or as an avatar on your favorite forums. I've chosen to use this to make calendars that will make great gifts over the festive period. If you're also interested in making your own fun calendars, you can read my article on setting up blank calendar pages before getting started on making your own doodle photos.

If you're going to follow along with this tutorial, you'll need a portrait photo, either of yourself or a friend or family member. The size of the photo will depend on what size you are going to print your final piece, if you are going to print it.

You'll also need a copy of Inkscape, the free vector line image editor, which is described in more detail in our review of the application and you'll also find a link there to the Inkscape website where you can download your own free copy.

If you're an Inkscape or even graphics software newbie, this is a great tutorial for you as it uses just a few simple tools to produce a fun result. If you've got your copy of Inkscape and a suitable photo, press on to the next page to get underway.

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