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Draw a Pumpkin in Inkscape


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How to Draw a Pumpkin for Halloween or Thanksgiving in Inkscape
How to Draw a Pumpkin in Inkscape
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In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to draw a simple pumpkin graphic in Inkscape that you can use in Halloween and Thanksgiving projects.

If you're not familiar with Inkscape, it's a free and open source vector line drawing application for Windows, OS X and Linux computers. You can read a bit more about it in our review of Inkscape and you'll find a link to the download site there too.

I've intended this tutorial to be suitable for complete Inkscape newbies, but at the same time, it will demonstrate some of the powerful path editing features that even more experienced users of Inkscape can overlook. By working with nodes, you'll find that you are able to produce a wide range of complex shapes. Using some of Inkscape's tools for using two or more paths to produce a new path throws up even more possibilities.

If you've got a copy of Inkscape installed, then press onto the next page to see how you can produce a simple pumpkin graphic.

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