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How to Draw a Really Easy Ghost with Inkscape


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How to Draw a Really Easy Ghost
Simple vector ghost graphic

This really easy ghost was drawn in Inkscape using very basic tools.

© Ian Pullen

This is a simple Inkscape tutorial that will show you how to draw a really easy ghost for Halloween. You can use and adapt this really easy ghost design in many ways to produce all sorts of personalized Halloween items.

Inkscape is a very powerful vector line drawing application that is growing in popularity with a wider range of users. It is widely seen as an alternative for Adobe Illustrator, which is undoubtedly the industry standard application within the graphics industry. However, perhaps one reason that it has become more popular is the growth of digital crafts, such as digital scrapbooking, as is it is very well suited for drawing a wide range of graphics.

Such graphics can also be produced with other apps, such as GIMP and Paint.NET, but the advantage of Inkscape is that the vector graphics it produces can be resized without any worries about the image quality being degraded.

Even if you've never used Inkscape before, this simple Halloween tutorial will show you that even you can draw a really easy ghost.

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